Newcastle United's Henry Mauriss interest is 'good news' for fans


Henry Mauriss’ interest in buying Newcastle United can only be good news for supporters, according to The Telegraph’s Luke Edwards.

The chief executive of ClearTV is said to have held talks with owner Mike Ashley in recent weeks and is now said to have put together a formal bid.

The report states that the bid is worth £350 million, though the current regime are yet to comment.

The existing offer of £300million that was made by Amanda Staveley’s Saudi-backed consortium, The Public Investment Fund, is currently with the Premier League who are carrying out a series of tests before approving a deal that would see them purchase the club.

That decision is expected to be made imminently, leading to speculation as to why Mauriss would go public with his interest in the club with the deal so close to being done.

But whatever the circumstances behind his interest, Edwards insists that the interest is genuine and that’s good news for those who are keen to see the back of Mike Ashley.

He tweeted: “The desperation to dismiss Henry Mauriss is fascinating.

“Had he come before Saudi bid – which is bogged down in a legal minefield and has been for 11 weeks – it would have sparked excitement, now he’s seen as a bad guy and those reporting his interest labelled frauds.

“So let me give some background, I’ve known of his interest since end of last year.

“I knew there was a second bidder in March/April, but did not report because heard it all before and I’m very wary. It took weeks for me to be satisfied its genuine and reported it last week.

“The comfort I take is this, If Saudi bid is blocked, which remains a possibility, whether you like it or not, there is someone waiting.

“We don’t know much about him yet, but I’m assured he has team in place, a plan and money to end Ashley era. That’s better than Ashley staying.

“People desperate for Ashley to get out, dismiss potential buyer, criticise (journalists) for reporting another bidder. Why? Because they’ve fallen in love with idea of a takeover that hasn’t happened, we know very little about and may not even happen. I just want Ashley gone.”

GIVEMESPORT’S Phil Spencer says…

The takeover of Newcastle United is a hugely complicated situation.

Following the WTO’s report on the Saudi government’s role in the illegal streaming of sports events, things are cleared up slightly.

That report will be used as a key document in the Premier League’s assessment of the Saudi-based consortium’s suitability to take over the running of the football club.

This is why the whole thing is taking so long.

Now, with Henry Mauriss seemingly entering the race to purchase the club, it appears to have muddied the waters once again.

All eyes are now on the Premier League who will decide what the future of the club is.

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