The price and release date for the PlayStation 5 have been leaked by Amazon


It has been a little under a week since Sony held their live launch event for the PlayStation 5.

Sony showed off the design of their new console last Thursday, as well as unveiling trailers for several games that will be coming to the platform.

Sony did not, however, announce the price or release date for the PS5, much to the frustration of gamers.

Now, though, it seems that these details might have been inadvertently leaked by a retailer.

Although they quickly pulled the information, Amazon France did – for a short time – list the price and release date for both the standard and digital-only editions of the console. Despite Amazon swiftly removing these details, Twitter user Ben Geskin did manage to take a screenshot of the listing in question before it was altered.

The listing pegs the price of the standard PlayStation 5 console at €499 (approximately £447 in the UK), while the Digital Edition weighs in at a more affordable €399 (£358).

Of course, as with all leaked information, there is no guarantee of its accuracy until it has been officially confirmed.

With that said, the prices do line up with some of the estimates made previously. In addition, the release date posted in the Amazon France listing seems a realistic one. The date of November 20 this year was included by Amazon, which would make sense for a company trying to maximise its sales over the Christmas period. 

Sony CEO Jim Ryan has previously warned that the PS5 would not come cheap – and these leaked prices seem to confirm that. Realistically, given the power boasted by the console – as well as the hype surrounding it – Sony was always likely to slap a stiff price tag on its newest hardware.

With physical media quickly becoming a thing of the past, it would not be surprising to see many players opt for the Digital Edition of the console, particularly in view of its cheaper cost.

After much speculation, we might well now have a release date for the PlayStation 5. It remains to be seen whether Sony will issue an official response to the emergence of these details. For now, though, it seems that November 20 will be the date that gamers can finally get their hands on the PS5.

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