YouTube creator takes on Mike Tyson's punishing daily workout and diet schedule


In recent times, there has been a growing trend among YouTube content creators to mirror the daily diets and training regimes of celebrities and athletes.

In rare instances, these can just be a bit of fun. However, when you are talking about an athlete like Mike Tyson, the task is anything but enjoyable - as YouTube uploader Will Tennyson found out.

Having recently teased a comeback after getting back into shape, 53-year-old Tyson takes his training very seriously and keeps a relentless schedule when it comes to both eating and training.

The first hurdle that Tennyson had to deal with when attempting to walk in "Iron" Mike's shoes was getting up at 4am - Tyson's preferred time to start his day with a jog of up to five miles! Tennyson manages a distance of four miles, before returning to bed.

The physical training continues later in the day in the shape of 10 rounds of sparring, with a minimal break in between rounds. Tennyson admits that the prospect of so many rounds is a daunting one.

"I feel like a lot of people underestimate just how hard boxing is on your cardiovascular system because you don't see a lot of running... But you're exerting so much force with the punches, that after ten rounds of 2 minutes I'm gonna be wiped."

There is little time to recover, though, as Tennyson then sets about starting Tyson's daily calisthenic workout. Comprising 2,000 squats, as well as 500 reps each of push-ups, neck crunches, tricep extensions and shrugs with a 30kg weight, Tyson's training programme is not for the faint of heart. Tennyson does pass on doing Tyson's usual neck bridges, though, citing safety concerns.

After completing just a small portion of the overall workout, Tennyson is already feeling the pace, but recognises that it is a necessary sacrifice for a top athlete.

"That was 1 round, and I'm already curled up in a ball," he admits. "This is insane, but if you want to be the best in your sport, you got to get outside of your comfort zone. Only the great ones do this stuff, and he does this 5 times a week."


The exercise portion of Tennyson's day is rounded off with more sparring and calisthenics, followed by nearly an hour on an exercise bike.

You might think that the eating side of this would be significantly easier than the training side. However, Tennyson confirms that this is not the case.

"After looking at his diet, he doesn't have a variety of foods. Every meal is a carb and a protein. And it doesn't seem like he's not eating for enjoyment, he's just eating for fuel, and that's a true athlete to me," states Tennyson.

Tyson's breakfast is oatmeal, milk and vitamins. Lunch is not much more exciting either, consisting of a chicken breast, a small portion of rice and some orange juice. The final meal of the day is a sirloin steak with pasta. Everything is very bland according to Tennyson, with even Tyson's snack being unexciting - a monstrous serving of six bananas and a protein shake!

"It seems a little bit overkill, but I definitely need the carbs right now," admits a depleted Tennyson.

Having previously mirrored the daily routines of the likes of Mark Wahlberg, Tennyson is no stranger to these sorts of challenges. It seems, though, that taking on a day in the life of Mike Tyson was Tennyson's hardest test yet!

"I'm very sore. My neck is super stiff, and I know I'm going to be feeling it for a few days after this," reveals Tennyson at the end of the day. This challenge is probably not one to try at home!

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