Footage of Eddie Hall and Hafthor Bjornsson boxing gets analysed


There is lots of hype surrounding the fight billed as ‘the heaviest boxing match in history’ as Eddie Hall and Hafthor Bjornsson prepare to do battle against each other late next year.

Hall and The Mountain’s heated rivalry has reached new heights over the last couple of months, and the pair are set to end it all next year inside the squared circle.

Why has their rivalry reached new heights recently? Well, Thor broke Hall's deadlift world record by a measly one kilogram, and that has left the latter feeling pretty ticked off.

Now, like a fair few other rivalries that have stemmed recently, it looks like the only way to settle the beef is inside the ring.

There’s no denying both are incredible competitors, but it’s fair to say their boxing experience is fairly limited.

A new video compares their technique based on old sparring footage, and it doesn’t look good for Bjornsson fans.

Despite being younger and lighter back then, the Icelander is exhausted after just a three-minute session, and the man behind the analysing, YouTuber 'Nick's Strength and Power', highlights the fact his punches are pretty slow.

However, he does seem to be taking his training very seriously after revealing he is “probably retired” from World’s Strongest Man competitions in order to focus on his boxing debut.

Meanwhile, Hall seems more comfortable in the ring, which is interesting as he took part in a charity boxing match back in 2012.

Not only that, but he's also had a sparring session with Tyson Fury's cousin Hughie, and he doesn't look half bad in the ring, with the analysis highlighting that.

While ‘The Beast’ managed to go the distance, he ultimately lost on points.

Only time will tell if Bjornsson’s huge size will hold him back when fight night finally comes around.

While an official date and venue are yet to be confirmed, Bjornsson revealed on his Instagram page that the fight will take place in Las Vegas in September 2021.

Who do you think will pick up the win?

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