Lionel Messi vs Cristiano Ronaldo: 59% of fans would rather play alongside Messi

Lionel Messi vs Cristiano Ronaldo - the never-ending debate

The Lionel Messi versus Cristiano Ronaldo debate is one that will likely never come to an end.

Both players possess a huge number of loyal fans across the world, ones who will defend their favoured player through thick and thin.

Even professional players struggle to pick between arguably the two greatest footballers of all-time, it really is that difficult.

But we decided to ask a different question to our audience about Messi and Ronaldo. Instead of the obvious avenue of picking the greatest between the two, we've gone a bit rogue.

We asked which of the two superstars would you rather have played with and the results are officially in.

In total, 88,600 votes were cast and we can reveal that Messi has won by a pretty sizeable margin with 59% of the vote.

It's certainly an interesting debate and it sheds further light on Messi's reputation of being a 'team player' throughout his professional career with Barcelona and Argentina.

The 32-year-old not only scores goals at a ridiculous rate, but he sets up his teammates with frightening regularity.

While Ronaldo has a rather unexpectedly high number of assists during his career - 219 in 838-game club career - he is not portrayed in the same selfless light as his eternal nemesis.

Messi & Ronaldo during El Clasico

But from the point-of-view of a playmaker, Juventus' Portuguese superstar would be the perfect player to line up alongside.

He'd latch on to every through ball possible and connect with every well-executed cross. Why do you think Mesut Ozil's assist numbers were so high at Real Madrid? One answer - Ronaldo.

Given Messi's ability to operate as possibly the best playmaker in world football, the Argentine and Ronaldo would probably be a lethal combination as teammates.

Ironically, the 'eternal rivals' would be ideal alongside one another!

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