David de Gea's 16 worst mistakes at Man Utd ranked by how terrible they were

  • Kobe Tong

David de Gea dropped his latest clanger between the sticks for Manchester United on Friday night.

The Red Devils faced an uphill battle against Tottenham Hotspur after their number one conceded a soft goal from Steven Bergwijn, parrying the ball into his own net despite it being centrally struck.

De Gea somewhat made up for his error with a decent save from Heung-min Son and Bruno Fernandes drew level from the penalty spot, but the damage had already been done.

Even the best goalkeepers in the world drop howlers from time to time, but errors of this nature seem to have become a worryingly regular occurrence for De Gea since the 2018 World Cup.

The mistake even prompted United legend and Sky Sports pundit Roy Keane to moan that he was 'sick to death' of the 'overrated Manchester United goalkeeper' during coverage of the game.

De Gea's shaky form at Man Utd

It's a situation made all the worrying for De Gea when you consider one of the Premier League's best goalkeepers this season, Dean Henderson, is actually a United loanee.

So, ahead of what could be a titanic battle for United's number one jersey, we've decided to look back on some of the memories and mistakes that De Gea would like to forget about.

We've taken 16 of De Gea's worst errors since playing for the Red Devils and ranked them from the least terrible to the most terrible with an alarming amount of them having transpired recently.


De Gea's 16 worst Man Utd errors

Reflect on the clangers down below, as well as their frequency and date, to make up your own mind on whether De Gea or Henderson should be making the starting XI next season:

16. Vs Blackburn Rovers (2011/12)

We're starting gently here, though we're not sure De Gea found this mistake all that gentle because it remains one of the prime examples of how he struggled to adapt to English football's physicality.

15. Vs Fulham (2012/13)

Speaking of struggling to adapt, this Superman punch into thin air resulted in Sir Alex Ferguson dropping him to the bench and it's easy to see why.

14. Vs Manchester City (2011/12)

We'll never understand how Edin Dzeko managed to beat De Gea from sooooooo far out. It was a debut to forget for the Spaniard to say the very least.

13. Vs Tottenham Hotspur (2019/20)

Ah, the reason we're here. It's one of De Gea's worst mistakes at United, no doubt about it, but we think there at least 12 clangers that are worse.

12. Vs West Ham United (2014/15)

You could frankly put this case study to the Benny Hill theme and it wouldn't look out of place. God knows what this did for De Gea's heat map.

11. Vs West Bromwich Albion (2011/12)

After a full debut to forget for United, De Gea followed it up with a Premier League debut to forget and a classic squirm underneath the body that he'd later replicate at Camp Nou...

10. Vs Chelsea (2018/19)

The initial shot was so tame that you can buy it from Pets At Home and ask it do a series of tricks by voice command. Sadly for De Gea, though, he couldn't keep it on a lead.

9. Vs Arsenal (2018/19)

Look, we know Granit Xhaka got plenty of swerve on the ball, but De Gea was all over the show here and didn't seem to put one ounce of effort into adjusting his body weight.

8. Vs Benfica (2011/12)

You'd think that De Gea thought United played their home games in gold jerseys with this terrible clearance. At least it didn't *directly* lead to the goal, kind of.

7. Vs Sevilla (2017/18)

Some of De Gea's best saves are when he leads with his 'wrong arm', but this complete mess in the Champions League effectively saw him 'save' the ball into his own net. Dear, oh dear.

6. Vs Basel (2011/12)

This finishes so highly for, well, being downright confusing. De Gea has been known to use his feet a lot when making saves and this goes to show it can sometimes be a terrible misjudgement.

5. Vs Barcelona (2018/19)

Sometimes, no matter how much a goalkeeper gets behind the ball, it inexplicably squirms through them and into the net. The fact Lionel Messi was taking the shot doesn't defend this one bit.

4. Vs Everton (2019/20)

There's something infinitely cringe-worthy about a goalkeeper clearing a ball into a striker and watching in horror as it deflects into the goal. One of his worst, no doubt.

3. Vs Arsenal (2018/19)

You can just see the indecision going on here. De Gea seems to get caught between two minds of catching the ball or tipping it over the ball, resulting in him pat-a-caking it into the net.

2. Vs Sunderland (2013/14)

There are shades of Rob Green vs USA in the way De Gea completely fumbles what should have been a routine wheelbarrow catch into his own net. Amateur stuff.

1. Vs Watford (2019/20)

Yup, it had to be this one. There's something awkwardly comedic about the way De Gea can be seen flapping the ball in slow motion before it wobbles into the net behind him slapstick-style.

Fight for the number one jersey

Notice a theme there? That's right, most of De Gea's errors at the 'Theatre of Dreams' seem to have come either at the start of his spell or over the last two seasons.

It's well documented that De Gea struggled to adapt to the physicality of the Premier League, but started to come into his own by the time United won title during the 2012/13 campaign.

And you'll notice that only three clangers came during De Gea's streak of four Sir Matt Busby Player of the Year awards within five seasons. 


Therefore, you could say that De Gea's United career has come full circle, so perhaps Henderson could start to dislodge him just as Anders Lindegaard threatened to do all those years ago.

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