WWE news: The Undertaker names the four icons on his wrestling Mount Rushmore

Undertaker has named his Mt Rushmore of wrestling

The Undertaker is regarded by many as one of WWE’s greatest ever stars.

He’s named on so many wrestling Mount Rushmore’s – a trend that sees fans pick their four favourite performers of all-time. 

But who would make The Deadman’s mountain? 

Well, that question was posed to him earlier this week and his answer didn’t disappoint.

Undertaker – real name Mark Calaway – had no issue naming his first three, but debated over the final spot on his Mount Rushmore. 

“You’ve got to have [Ric] Flair. You got to have [Hulk] Hogan. Stone Cold [Steve Austin]…” ‘Taker said during an interview with Comic Book, per WrestlingNews.

“That fourth one’s tough. It could be Harley [Race]. It could be Dusty [Rhodes]. It could be Bruno [Sammartino]. And I base that on contributions to the business.

“Not so much if they were a great worker or this or that, but… Oh, I know my fourth, it’s Andre [The Giant].

Undertaker named Andre and Hogan as two of his top four

“I don’t know why I forgot Andre. So yeah, it would probably be Flair, Hogan, Stone Cold and Andre.”

It really is tough to argue with Undertaker’s picks. 

During the interview, Calaway was also asked about how he feels when fans pick him as one of the greatest of all-time. 

Undertaker is named by many as the greatest of all-time

He stated that he feels flattered and honoured when people consider him in the conversation but went on to explain why he named the four men he did.

Undertaker considers Flair as ‘the standard’ and he credited Hogan for being at the top of pro wrestling from the very start.

He picked Austin because he was a key factor in WWE winning the rating war during the Attitude Era and simply noted how Andre is ‘the 8th Wonder of the World’. 

Austin also made the list

Yep, you’ve got no arguments there, ‘Taker! 

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