WWE news: WrestleMania match Vince McMahon called the 'worst thing he's ever witnessed'

This was the worst match McMahon has ever seen

Legendary WWE commentator Michael Cole has recently revealed that Vince McMahon called his WrestleMania 27 match with Jerry Lawler the 'worst thing he’d seen in 60 years'. 

The two announcers went head-to-head in the ring back in 2011 and their bout also featured Jack Swagger and Stone Cold Steve Austin as special guest referee.

A pretty impressive cast, right? Well, things didn't exactly go to plan for Cole, who ended up losing two teeth that night. 

He's now opened up about his experiences at WrestleMania - and the commentator revealed he almost had to miss the match because of an accident with CM Punk.  

"So I’m in the ring before the match during the day and CM Punk also had a match at that WrestleMania," Cole told Corey Graves on WWE's After the Bell Podcast.

"Phil and I have known each other for years, good, good friends.

"And he comes, for some reason, to this day, we don’t know why he comes running across the ring and he delivers a knee lift that knocks my front tooth out. There is blood everywhere.

"Now, this is like four hours before my WrestleMania match. My tooth goes away. There’s blood everywhere. 

Cole was in the ring at WM27

"Punk's telling me, ‘oh, my God, I’ll pay for the dental work. I’m so sorry. I don’t know what got into me. I was just out here goofing around.’

"I said, ‘I ain’t worried about my dental work. I’m about to lose the biggest payday of my career because you knocked my tooth out.’ So that’s how my day started." 

Pretty crazy right? Well, the match Cole had with Lawler was even more ridiculous and it ended with him losing another tooth and getting a hilarious reception backstage from McMahon. 

Cole was embarrassed at WM27

"Jerry comes off the ropes with a missile dropkick and he hits me right in the mouth," Cole continued.

"Then what happens? My other tooth, next to the one Punk knocked out, goes flying across the ring.

"So, I’ve lost two teeth in the same day. There’s blood everywhere. Jerry looks at me and he throws a right hand. I drop like a brick. I’m just laying there and they count the one, two, three. 

Lawler beat Cole at WM27

"Then it was overturned or I tapped out, whatever happened, and I get carried out of there. A bloody mess. I walk in the back. I’m like, man, I thought that went pretty good.

"I go to the back and I look at Vince and Vince looks at me and goes, 'that is the worst thing I’ve ever witnessed in 60 years.'"

Brilliant. You've got to respect McMahon for his honesty - and if you watch that WrestleMania match back - you'll probably agree with him! 

Cole was met by McMahon backstage

H/T to WrestleZone for the quotes - which you can read in full HERE, where Cole discusses even more about that night.

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