Ronaldo, Messi and Beckham: The top 10 footballers fans think about during sex


Did you know that one in four fans think about footballers during sex?

It’s true. During those moments of passion, a quarter of supporters just can’t take their minds off the beautiful game.

And who’s the player that fans think about the most? David Beckham, of course.

2,000 fans took part in a survey conducted by Free Super Tips and Golden Balls was the king of assists in the bedroom, with 26% of fans saying they thought of Becks during sex.

The former Manchester United and England winger also proved a popular choice in the bedroom with Liverpool fans. 32% of Reds said they thought of Beckham, compared to only 23% of Man United supporters.

To be fair, no one can deny that Beckham has aged like a fine wine. He’s 45 years old now but rarely goes out without looking dapper.


So Beckham was No.1, but who else made the list of top 10 footballs fans think about during sex?

10. Raheem Sterling | 7%

A world-class talent and a decent bloke off the pitch, too. Sterling’s quite the catch.


8. Sergio Aguero | 8%

Aguero is tied in eighth place. He’s a guy who knows how to score.


8. Marcus Rashford | 8%

If we found Rashford in bed with our partner, we’d probably tuck him in.


7. David de Gea | 9%

De Gea has been a wreck handling balls lately.


6. Dele Alli | 10%

Alli’s a bit of a bad boy, so this makes sense.


5. Lionel Messi | 11%

They say that thinking of Messi will make you the GOAT under the sheets.


4. Gareth Bale | 13%

Sex. Golf. Madrid. In that order.


3. Harry Kane | 16%

Tottenham’s wait for a trophy is as long as men want to last in bed.


2. Cristiano Ronaldo | 20%

Those who voted Ronaldo clearly do his free-kick posture before sex and shout ‘SIUUUUUUU’ at the end.


1. David Beckham | 26%



We’ve rounded up some more interesting facts to emerge from the survey…

  • 31% of fans said that seeing their team win a trophy or get promoted was better than sex
  • 25% of Man United fans have admitted of thinking about David de Gea during sex
  • Only 8% of Leicester City fans considering seeing their team win a trophy better than sex
  • 11% of football fans admitted to loving their football team more than their partner
  • 16% of football fans would find their team being relegated more painful than a break-up
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