The 100 greatest video games of all time according to their Metacritic score (100-81)


Over the years, there have been some terrific games released on a variety of platforms.

The question, however, that is often debated is what is the best video game of all time?

Well, thanks to Metacritic we now have a list of the top 100 video games ranked by their metascore, which is the weighted average that the computer game received from some of the world’s best critics.

So, without further ado, here are the games listed from 100-81.

100 – Burnout 3: Takedown - Metascore: 94 - Platform: Xbox

Starting at number 100, Burnout 3 was certainly the game for encouraging stunning crashes, massive pileups and with a multiplayer mode consisting of more than 100 events and 40 tracks, it was certainly a game packed full of incident.

99 - Tom Clancy Splinter Cell Chaos Theory - Metascore: 94 - Platform: Xbox

Next up is a title from Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell spy franchise. Playing as Sam Fisher, you are sent on numerous series' of missions to investigate and eliminate threats originating from North Korea.

98 - Grim Fandango - Metascore: 94 - Platform: PC

A LucasArts title where you as the player need to help the Department of the Death’s Manny Calavera solve conspiracy theories that threaten his existence.

97 - Metal Gear Solid - Metascore: 94 - Platform: PlayStation

Another classic spy franchise where the gamer takes control of the man known as Snake and you have the challenging task of regaining control of secret nuclear weapons from terrorist hands.

96 - Jet Grind Radio - Metascore: 94 - Platform: Dreamcast

A game released on the SEGA Dreamcast platform. You are part your own graffiti crew and must lay claim and protect your own territory from rival taggers.

95 - Super Mario Advance 4: Super Mario Bros 3 - Metascore: 94 - Platform: Gameboy Advance

Everyone’s favourite Nintendo character makes his first appearance on the list. Super Mario Advance 4 is a terrific demonstration of platform gaming at its best. It features eight huge worlds, boss battles and fun mini games.


94 - Street Fighter IV - Metascore: 94 - Platform: PlayStation 3

The classic fighting game Street Fighter comes in at 94, featuring appearances from favourites such as Ryu, Ken, Chun-Li and Guil as well as the inclusion of new characters such as Crimson Viper, Abel and Rufus.

93 - The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion - Metascore: 94 - Platform: PC

A single player title which requires the gamer to protect the world of Tamriel from demons while at the same time foil sinister-plots to take over the kingdom’s throne.

92 - Ninja Gaiden Black - Metascore: 94 - Platform: Xbox

This is the sequel to Ninja Gaiden. The game requires you to reprise the role of the ninja known as Ryu Hayabusa and includes a number of new missions.

91 - Halo 3 - Metascore: 94 - Platform: Xbox 360

Halo 3: Combat Evolve is the third title in the ever-popular Halo series. This involves returning as The Master Chief to earth to finish what was started in Halo 2.

90 - BioShock Infinite - Metascore: 94 - Platform: PC

The adventure PC game known as BioShock Infinite is next. Playing as former Pinkerton agent Booker DeWitt, you are sent to the lost city in the clouds to rescue the young lady Elizabeth. Along the way, DeWitt will need to engage in combat among the clouds as well as master the power of a wide range of new weapons and abilities.

89 - Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare - Metascore: 94 - Platform: Xbox 360

Call of Duty 4 is certainly an incident packed and exciting addition to the popular franchise. This Activision title also successfully builds on the Call of Duty 2 online experience.


88 - Quake - Metascore: 94 - Platform: PC

The game that is very much known for its frightening death-matches. You also have the added bonus of 32 single player levels to get stuck into.

87 - Sid Meier’s Civilization II - Metascore: 94 - Platform: PC

The first strategy based game that appears on the list. Civilization II begins at the Old Stone Age in 4000 BC and it certainly encourages exploration of unknown territories and ultimately expanding your Empire.

86 - The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion - Metascore: 94 - Platform: Xbox 360

A single player title that requires the gamer to protect the world of Tamriel from demons while at the same time foil sinister-plots to take over the kingdom’s throne.

85 - Gears of War - Metascore: 94 - Platform: Xbox 360

Starring as lead war hero Marcus Fenix alongside his fire team, you are tasked with fending off the onslaught of merciless warrior fiends. Overall, this game is a terrific blend of tactical action and horror.

84 - Madden NFL 2004 - Metascore: 94 - Platform: PlayStation 2

The 2003 PlayStation 2 Game of the Year comes in next. This Classic American Football series created by Electronic Arts provided the most realistic NFL Playbooks ever and provided multiple formation variations.


83 - Grand Theft Auto: Vice City - Metascore: 94 - Platform: PC

This RockStar title released on the PC in 2003 had a number of enhanced features including enhanced sound and improved graphics. It is easy to see why this game was awarded the Metacritic’s 2003 PC Game of the Year.

82 - Mass Effect 2 – Metascore: 94 - Platform: PlayStation 3

This shooter game appears next on the list. Mass Effect 2 is part of a trilogy of science-fiction titles, which are set in world of uncharted planets and dangerous alien life.

81 - BioShock – Metascore: 94 - Platform: PlayStation 3

This is the second BioShock game that appears on this list. After your plane crashes into icy uncharted waters, you must explore a city hidden beneath the surface, which is controlled by Ecological AI.

You can see what games made 80-61 here.

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