PutterBall is the golf version of classic drinking game beer pong


We've all got a story or a memory about playing beer pong.

Whether it be in your university residential halls in the kitchen with your group of mates, or in the back garden during those blistering hot summer days, beer pong is an absolute classic and one of those go-to drinking games.

Well, what would you say if you could now make beer pong even better?

Introducing PutterBall.

Think beer pong and crazy golf put together... it literally is the golf version of beer pong, and it's certainly one to play with your mates when the weather outside is gorgeous.

Everything essentially stays the same as beer pong as well, but instead of throwing a little ball into your opponent's cups, you have to putt a golf ball into your opponent's hole.

Now depending on your skill range, this could be a whole lot trickier for you, or it could be a whole lot easier, but it's certainly a good way to freshen up beer pong and keep things interesting during pre-drinks or your party at home.

We know what you're thinking... their must be a catch because this sounds too good to be true.

Well sadly, there is a catch, and it's an expensive one. 


PutterBall will cost you £140, BUT, it does come with all the essential equipment. So that will give you two putters, a putting green with 12 holes, two balls and 12 hole covers.

So although it's quite a substantial investment, it does give you all what's required to play, and even though you can essentially play beer pong for free with an old ping pong ball and some cups, we certainly think PutterBall will spice up the classic drinking game.

Speaking about the game, an advert says: "Experience a revolutionary new golf game that anyone can play. Introducing the amazing game of PutterBall! This unique game combines golf and beer pong to create hours of fun that everyone can enjoy.

"From a low-key day at home to an exciting tailgate with all of your friends, this golf putting game is a must for every event. The full set of PutterBall comes with everything you need to make this golf putting game a success.


"Once you have the game in your hand, all you need is a few friends, cold beer, and all the makings of a good time!"

Of course, you could just buy this if you fancy improving your putting in the back garden, but we highly recommend using it for its rightful cause.

Beer pong just got a whole new dimension, and we for one love it!

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