Tyson Fury claims he would have beaten both Mike Tyson and Muhammad Ali


Tyson Fury has backed himself to beat a prime Mike Tyson AND a prime Muhammad Ali.

Of course, this is a hypothetical conversation that we are having because they are all from different eras and different generations, however, the Gypsy King believes if they did compete in the same era, it would be he who would reign supreme.

The WBC champion is currently riding a wave of momentum and positivity, despite what is going on around the world regarding the coronavirus, and he's now looking forward to his massive double-header against fellow Brit and fellow heavyweight champion Anthony Joshua.

The two will FINALLY come head-to-head in 2021 after agreeing a two-fight deal, and the heavyweight division will finally have a unified champion, with either Fury or AJ taking home all the gold.

However, it seems Fury isn't looking forward to what's ahead of him, but instead looking behind him at what has already been and gone.

The heavyweight division has been blessed with unbelievable talent throughout the eras, none more so than Mike Tyson and Muhammad Ali.

The two will go down as two of the very best to ever lace up a pair of gloves and boots, but it's clear in the eyes of Fury that it is he who will go down as the best of the best when it comes to the heavyweight division.

When asked by Steve Bunce for BT Sport about Fury and previous heavyweight icons, the WBC champion was more than confident about his chances.

"There isn't a heavyweight from any era in the last a thousand years that could've tackled me or beat me," he boldly claimed.


"Never mind Mike Tyson from the 80s, Muhammad Ali, Joe Louis, Lennox Lewis, George Foreman, Ken Norton, Rocky Marciano, Floyd Patterson, Gene Tunney, Jem Mace, John L. Sullivan.

I'm the greatest fighter that has ever lived.

"Going right back to the beginning, not one of them could've beaten the Gypsy King. I'm too big, I'm too good and I've got too many styles for them. I'm an adapter and they couldn't even beat me anyway.

"I'm the greatest fighter that has ever lived. Never mind heavyweight, greatest fighter that's ever lived. How about that for a bit of modesty?!"

How's that for confidence?

The thing with Tyson Fury, though, is he so often says things like this and then backs it up in the ring.

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