UFC news: Fighter begs his corner to stop the fight but they refuse to do so

  • Alex Batt

UFC is a very physically demanding and also mentally demanding sport, and it was clearly all too much for Max Rohskopf to handle during his fight this weekend.

A video has emerged following his fight showing him begging and pleading with his corner to call off the fight with Austin Hubbard, but it was clearly something they didn't want to do.

Despite repeatedly saying 'call it', his cornerman was in no mood to listen, telling him that they were not going to throw in the towel or pull him out of the fight.

The discussion lasted a solid minute and it was very evident that he simply didn't want to return to the Octagon to finish off the fight.

Eventually, the decision was made and the fight was called off, but it took Rohskopf saying it himself to the referee for it to be done.

Following the fight, a lot of fans have questioned the saga, with some pointing fingers at the cornerman for not listening to the fighter, whilst others have accused Rohskopf of giving up.

To make matters worse for the fighter, it was actually his debut with UFC, so no doubt Dana White will have a lot to say about what went down.

You can watch the sequence unfold in the video below.

So as you can see, Rohskopf clearly had no desire to continue the fight, and he made his feelings very clear to his cornerman, but he was simply having none of it.

One Twitter user replied to the video saying: "This cornering is up there with the worst; listen to your fighter, and no he wasn't going to win."

However, another was on the side of pointing the blame at the fighter for simply giving up, as they posted: "In the UFC you don't quit unless you're injured. Guy's probably gonna get cut."

What do you make of the footage? Was the cornerman in the wrong for not listening? Or did the fighter simply give up?

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