New game show ‘Floor Is Lava’ has dropped on Netflix

  • Will Day

Described as Crystal Maze meets Total Wipeout meets Gladiators, Netflix’s all new 'Floor Is Lava' game show is streaming now. 

As the name suggests, the game show will be based off the common childhood game in which someone says ‘the floor is lava’. 

When these words were uttered, fear was struck into the heart of any child who desperately tried to clamber to safety in an attempt not to ‘die’. 

Netflix has taken this idea and ran with it to the point where they have made a new game show based off the childhood game. 

The official description of the show on the Netflix website reads: "Teams compete to navigate rooms flooded with lava by leaping from chairs, hanging from curtains and swinging from chandeliers. Yes, really." 

Many eagle-eyed fans have pointed out that the floor isn’t actually lava... obviously. 

Despite the whacky idea of the show, the prize for the team who have accumulated the most amount of points wins a handy $10,000. 

Considering the only aim of the show is to not touch the floor, that $10,000 (£8,000) seems easy to come by for some who developed their skills at a young age by playing with their friends in the streets. 

Receiving points isn’t exactly impossible either, as for every player that gets across, the team receives a point. 


In fact, there are only really four main things to know for the entire show:

1. Anything and everything in the room is in play.

2. For every player that gets across, the team receives a point.

3. The team who gets the most points at the end of their run, or the fastest time if there's a tie, wins $10,000 (£8,000); and, of course.

4. Don't fall in because, well, the floor is ‘lava’. 

Despite the strange idea for the show, it is generating attention and hype with many waiting in the wings to see if the show was worth the wait. 

Although you may have initially thought the road to the $10k was a walk in the park, there are a certain number of obstacles in the way. 

For example, the steps to get out slowly fall away as the lava rises, meaning the longer you take, the harder it gets. 

Additionally, along the way there are puzzles, hurdles and mind games, with all the surfaces made slippery with volcanic eruptions (water), making it even more difficult. 

Despite the floor evidently not being lava, thanks to the switched-on fans who managed to point it out before it was too late, the floor does appear to be a strange orange colour. 

Whatever it is, one thing is for certain - you do not want to be in it. 

Following much build-up and hype surrounding the show, it is finally time to see who the real ‘floor is lava’ champions are.

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