The 60 hardest sports in terms of difficulty have been ranked (60-41)

  • Will Day

Billy Dib has shown Unbiased America Sports’ list on his Twitter of the 60 hardest sports the world has ever seen.

There has been a certain amount of controversy surrounding some of the placings on this list in the comments of Dib’s post. 

Nether the less, this is top 60 toughest sports, according to Unbiased America Sports. 

60. Fishing 

Although widely regarded as more of a hobby than a professional sport, fishing requires a mix of patience and skill. Fishing isn’t seen as a mainstream sport, however, still requires a certain element of timing and skill. 

59. Billiards 

Billiards is a sport which was founded in the United Kingdom which requires good timing and skill. Although not the hardest sport the world has ever seen, people who play the sport professionally still have a lot of skill. 

58. Shooting 

Shooting is the first sport on this list which features at the Olympics. Shooting, of course, requires a lot of timing and accuracy in order to hit the target. 

57. Bowling 

Bowling is the first sort of mainstream sport on this list. Bowling requires a lot of skill at the professional level.

56. Curling 

Curling is the first Winter Olympic sport to feature on this list. It requires a lot of timing and skill in order to either hit the other teams’ stone out of the button. 

55. Archery 

Another Olympic sport to feature on this list is archery. Again, like plenty of the other sports on this list, archery requires great timing in order to let go of the arrow at the best possible time. 


54. Equestrian 

Equestrian, or horse-riding, is technically show jumping for horse. Although ultimately it being the rider which is in control, the horse is the one performing the jumps with the rider almost being the ringleader, just telling it what to do when and where. 

53. Roller Skating 

Roller Skating is the first sport on this list to be ultimately dependant on balance. Although made look easy by the professionals, many when initially trying the sport fall over and fail, making the sport harder than it looks. 

52. Cheerleading 

This is the first slightly controversial decision on the list. Cheerleading being put above things like shooting and bowling is unjust according to many people in the comments on Dib’s post. 

Despite this, cheerleading requires excellent balance and timing, also an element of teamwork.

51. Golf 

This is the first very controversial decision on the list. The sport of golf is often one that is slept on in terms of the difficulty and skill required. One of the comments on Dib’s post even reads: “The group of people surveyed have obviously never played golf.”


Despite the controversy, golf does require a lot of patience and skill, with one wrong move potentially costing the player his whole round. 

50. Horse Racing 

Horse racing is largely famous because of the sheer number of people who bet on the sport. Jockeys require a good understanding of their horses and again a really good balance. 

49. Canoe/Kayak 

Canoeing and kayaking despite being two different sports have been grouped together. The two have been overlooked for years in terms of skill required to compete at the highest level. 

They require a good balance and understanding of the sport. The person in control of the kayak/canoe also has to be good when faced with adversity. 

48. Track and Field: weights 

Although ‘weights’ covers a broad number of field events, such as shot put, discuss, hammer, etc, they all require a lot of power. They are often big guys and girls who step into the circle to throw and they are all very powerful. 

47. Table Tennis 

Table tennis is a sport dominated by technicians such as Timo Boll and legends like him, who are kings of spin. Table tennis involves a mix of spin and power which makes for a very skill-based sport.


46. Water Skiing 

Water skiing is a surface water sport in which an individual is pulled behind a boat or a cable ski installation over a body of water, skimming the surface on two skis or one ski. 

It was first played in United States in 1922 and requires good balance and an amount of courage. 

45. Swimming (all strokes) Sprints 

Sprint swimming requires a swimmer swimming as fast as they can in an attempt to beat all other competitors in the pool with them. 

It requires a lot of power and endurance. 

44. Weightlifting 

Weightlifting is, well, in the name. It requires a lot of power and training to eventually lift heavier and heavier.

43. Track and Field: Middle Distance 

Middle Distance running is another sport that is often overlooked. It requires a lot of training and endurance as the runner attempts to beat the rest of the field and capture first place. 


42. Rodeo: Bull/Bareback/Bronc Riding 

This event involves a rodeo participant riding a bucking horse that attempts to throw or buck off the rider. It requires skill and will power. 

41. Track and Field: Distance 

Distance running is often seen as an art in terms of its level of difficulty. It requires a lot of endurance and commitment.

You can see 40-21 here.

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