Newcastle's Andy Carroll has emerged from lockdown with a terrible beard

  • Kobe Tong

Lockdown hasn't been kind to the hair of men around the world.

It's for the safety of everybody that amenities like hairdressers have been closed amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, but that doesn't make some of the woeful haircuts out there any less terrible.

And although professional footballers can sometimes feel like unattainable and untouchable celebrities, they have also seen their style points fall through the floor during lockdown.

Roberto Firmino returned to Liverpool training looking like a young Ross Geller and Sadio Mane's hairline was so deep that Jose Mourinho has used pictures of it for his match-day tactics.

And that's not to mention the fact Ashley Young and N'Golo Kante changed everything we thought we knew about life by... growing hair. Madness.

Andy Carroll beard madness

However, perhaps one area of this keratin conundrum that has been under-publicised is facial hair and Newcastle United's Andy Carroll has brought this pressing issue to the forefront.

Look, we all know somebody with terrible facial hair. You know, that one person who thinks having one random, two-inch long hair wafting from their top lip makes them look like a badass.

Or the person we all know who takes the fact they can grow a beard to the extreme by walking around like they've stumbled off the set of Castaway.


Carroll mocked for his new look

Well, prepare to write those people an apology because they're looking like style icons in comparison to Carroll.

Look, Andy, we respect you for trying something a little different for the return of the Premier League, but you didn't have to celebrate by snogging your shaver and hoping for the best.

Carroll was seen sporting what would ordinarily be a pretty standard beard, only to completely remove the chin area to give him a strange combination of sideburns and handlebar moustache. 

If you were road-tripping across America and stopped to refuel in the middle of nowhere, only to see Carroll with that facial hair pulling up next to you in a massive truck, you wouldn't be shocked.

You won't be surprised to hear that Carroll's roll of the dice with his facial hair has attracted attention on social media and we'd be lying if people were expressing their undying love for him.

One fan wrote: "Did I just catch a glimpse of Andy Carroll rocking a Triple H Evolution era handlebar moustache? Please say this is true." 


Another penned: "My mans out here looking like his shaver broke halfway through shaving."

You do you, Andy, you do you.

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