Gamer has ranked every FIFA game from 'Greatest' to 'Never Played'


The FIFA series has been a staple of gaming since 1993, but particularly in recent years, it has become the centre of debate on the quality of games that are being produced.

As loved as they are by many, FIFA games have been controversial for a very long time. Whether because of its predatory Ultimate Team micro-transactions, or its repetitive, and often broken, gameplay throughout multiple entries, it would be difficult to deny that the FIFA series is in a difficult place right now.

One gamer in particular has created a tier list including all of the FIFA games to ever grace our screens, and ranked them in order from the greatest of all time, to ones they haven't even bothered to touch.

Perhaps surprisingly, the 'Greatest' tier holds quite a few entries, including 'FIFA 11', 'FIFA 14', 'FIFA 15', 'FIFA 98' and 'FIFA 07.' 

'FIFA 07' is no real shock. As the first entry in the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 generation, it took full advantage of the new hardware with improved gameplay and graphics over its predecessors.

You could easily argue that 'FIFA 15' is a bit out of place here. In terms of general feedback, this wasn't exactly the best praised entry in the series, but the fact that the highest rated game on this list was made five years ago, just goes to show how poor the releases have been since then.

One particular entry really stands out in the 'Good' tier - 'FIFA 20'. In terms of Metacritic score, 'FIFA 20' is actually the worst rated game in the franchise's history, with users ranking the latest entry an incredible 1.1/10. In terms of graphics, there is no entry better, but gamers are getting tired of shelling out huge amounts of money for a clunky and frustrating re-skin every year.

Some of the earlier FIFA entries also find their way into the 'Good' tier. 'FIFA 06' in particular brings back fond memories for many gamers, with Wayne Rooney and Ronaldinho gracing the cover during what was an incredibly exciting time for the sport.

Moving on to the 'OK' tier, here we have the biggest selection of FIFA entries. FIFAs 16, 18 and 19 all appear in this section of the list, pretty well summing up the generally painful mediocrity of the recent bunch of instalments.


The 'Bad' tier is home to just one entry: 'FIFA 17.' Despite being the first game in the series to use the 'revolutionary' Frostbite engine, the title failed to impress. One feature of the game that was generally well received, however, was 'The Journey' story mode, which EA have moved away from in its proceeding releases.

This gamer includes just one title in the 'Worst' tier: 'FIFA 12.' Despite being adored by critics, as revealed by it having the second best Metacritic score of all FIFA entires, 'FIFA 12' failed to impress users to the same level. Clearly, this user in particular did not have a good time with this one.

Finally, the 'Never Played' tier includes some of the franchise's earliest entries, ranging from the first release in 1993 to FIFA 2000. There isn't a lot in these games to draw younger fans to them, with poor graphics and clunky gameplay, it's not a surprise that these haven't been touched.

While this list might be controversial, we didn't make it ourselves, so don't blame us if, and when, you disagree, because you almost definitely will. 

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