Analyst predicts PlayStation 5 will 'significantly' outsell Xbox Series X


A recent report suggests that Sony’s next generation console will shift more units than Microsoft’s own release by a huge amount.

Research director for games at Ampere Analysis, Piers Harding-Rolls, has released a report which predicts that the PlayStation 5 will outsell the Xbox Series X by 2024, as per Den of Geek.

Reading into the full report reveals that Rolls believes the sale figures of the Xbox Series X and PS5 will be pretty similar shortly after launch. He predicts that Sony will sell about 4.6 million PS5s in 2020, while Microsoft will shift around 3.3 million Xbox Series X consoles. 

While it’s expected that the consoles will begin their lives on a similar pegging, Rolls projects that the gap between the two will get bigger and bigger as time goes on.

By 2022, the report estimates that 33 million PS5s will leave the shelves, while ‘just’ 21 million Xbox Series X units will be sold. Just two years later in 2024, Rolls believes that Sony will have sold 66 million PS5s, while Microsoft will have sold 37 million of their own console.

Rolls specifically highlights the potential selling power of Halo Infinite as a launch title for the Xbox Series X, as well as the consumer-friendly practices of Microsoft as a company, as reasons why their console will start off relatively strongly in terms of sales. 

However, the report goes on to explain that the strength of PlayStation as a brand on the global stage, as well as the incredible variety of exciting exclusives predicted to release during its lifetime, will ultimately be the reason for PlayStation’s dominance over this next generation of consoles. 

This isn’t particularly hard to believe, as a similar pattern in sales occurred during this generation of consoles.

Despite Microsoft sorting out many of the Xbox One’s biggest problems, they weren’t able to catch up with the incredible success of the PlayStation 4’s launch.


The PS4 also arguably has a much better selection of exclusive titles, something which Xbox doesn’t seem too worried about for this next generation.

Microsoft themselves have implied that they’re not relying on the promise that you need a Series X to play the biggest upcoming games, which could lead to lower sales for the console.

Obviously these projections are just that, projections. We might be surprised by an incredible launch for the Series X, but based on the information we’ve got about the consoles so far, it’s fair to say that a PS5 dominance of this generation would make sense.

Only time will tell how accurate this report really is.

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