The ultimate back garden pub has been built and it's stunning


One thing we're all missing during lockdown is the pub. Apart from one guy that is.

It's currently being reported that restrictions on pubs will be lifted as soon as July 4. Since the UK was put into lockdown on March 23, people across the country have been craving the return of their favourite local. 

Not everyone is suffering the same, though, as one genius has shown.

One tweet going viral at the moment shows an incredible little pub in someone's garden, built completely from scratch.

The tweet shows the first stage of development, where it looks pretty much exactly like a typical garden shed, made from wood and cramped into the corner against the wall. 

A second image reveals the pub in all of its finished splendour. Painted in white, with huge windows and a set of double doors, it certainly looks the part.

Entering the establishment, it suddenly takes you into a traditional English pub, with wooden walls, seating areas and a board boasting home cooked food, a beer garden and live sports. 

In the rear corner of the pub sits a bar with taps and shelves filled with liquor bottles and drinking glasses. Surrounded by three bar stools, this is the absolute perfect place to enjoy an ice cold beer.

Of course, it wouldn't be an English pub without a darts board, which can be seen on the back wall. You might have to be careful about who's around you when you're playing, though, as the cramped space might make it a bit easier to accidentally hit a customer.

Plenty of people seem to be a bit confused about how you get behind the bar to fill the beer taps, but some eagle-eyed users have noticed that there's a little door which opens, just like in a traditional pub.

The level of attention to detail inside this tiny pub is absolutely incredible. Who even needs the pubs to open when you've got your own in the back garden? If only we all had this.

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