Liverpool's Dejan Lovren was heavily criticised by Jamie Carragher vs Everton

  • Kobe Tong

Jamie Carragher vs Dejan Lovren might be the unexpected beef of the Premier League return.

During Liverpool‘s dire 0-0 draw with Everton on Sunday night, the Toffees almost snatched an unlikely win during the final exchanges and the introduction of Lovren played a massive role in that.

The Croatian defender is routinely criticised for playing rashly and making crucial errors, but it was difficult to refute that stereotype when he dropped such a poor performance at Goodison Park.

And with a legendary Liverpool centre-back in Jamie Carragher providing the commentary for Sky Sports, it should come as no surprise that his 17-minute disasterclass didn’t go unnoticed.

But what makes Carragher’s criticism of Lovren all the more tasty is the fact many football fans have been led to suggest that there’s animosity between the two players.

Beef between Lovren and Carragher?

That’s because Lovren was reportedly caught ‘liking’ a tweet by former Manchester United and Arsenal player Mikael Silvestre that criticised Carragher for spitting at a 14-year-old in 2018.

The tweet read as follows: “We all thought the same after he spat at football fans but he is back… spitting at football players.”

So, bear that in mind when Carragher unleashed his criticism on Lovren during the game but, frankly, we think the Croatian’s defending deserved criticism regardless of any personal spat.


Carragher roasts Lovren on commentary

The best part of Carragher losing his patience with Lovren on commentary came when the Liverpool defender was sent to the ground twice in quick succession by Richarlison on the left wing.

Lovren first fell to the floor after failing to deal with the ball over the top, before winding up in the same position after being easily fooled in his attempt to tackle the Brazilian immediately after.

It was a calamitous few seconds that led Carragher to verbally groan down the microphone, before advising the Everton forwards to ‘play on Lovren’ and saying ‘Jesus’ under his breath.

He then rounded off his frustration by moaning ‘how bad is he?’ to prompt a laugh from Gary Neville. Check out the amusing moment down below:

But Carragher wasn’t finished there. Oh no, not one bit.

The Liverpool legend also remarked on commentary: “He’s too emotional, that’s always been his problem. He always feels he has to win a fight, has to win a challenge.

“I used to play that position as a centre-back and at times you have to accept someone may be stronger and quicker. You have to get yourself in positions and try and hold them up.

“I said before they were too often they were putting the ball right down Virgil van Dijk’s throat but as soon as Lovren’s come on they’ve been hitting that channel and that is the channel to hit.” 


So, regardless of whether there’s genuine beef between Carragher and Lovren, it’s hard to argue that the former was anything but justified in moaning about what was a calamitous 17 minutes.

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