WWE news: Vince McMahon's day-to-day routine is absolutely ridiculous

Vince McMahon's day to day life is hectic

Vince McMahon is the most powerful man in pro wrestling. 

He built WWE from the ground up, turning it into a worldwide, multi-billion dollar company that's near unrivalled in sports entertainment.

So how did he do it?

Well, plenty of stories have been shared about McMahon's ridiculous work ethic and the ruthless business practices he's deployed en-route to the top. 

But what exactly does an average day look like for the boss? That's a topic Arn Anderson discussed recently on the ARN Podcast.

The former WWE agent explained that McMahon 'lives in his own bubble' and streamlines his day to get the most out of it. 

"He kind of functions in his own bubble. It probably goes something like this," Anderson began.

"Now, I’m not saying this is a bad thing. You judge it, but [he’s] got a gym in his house, gets up early in the morning, gets a workout. 

McMahon is known to work out regularly

"[Then he] has a limo pick him up to take him to the airport. [He] walks up the steps to a private plane, goes to the town, gets out of the limo, goes straight to the building, straight to his office." 

Once McMahon arrives at the venue - in whatever town WWE are running shows that night - he gets down to business.  

"From his office, he goes straight into the meeting room where he’ll spend most of the afternoon," Anderson continued. 

Vince has an office in every building

"He’ll go straight to gorilla. When it’s time, shows over. [He goes] straight to another limo, straight to the private plane. 

"[He goes] to the next town, straight to the hotel that they’re staying at, comfy hotel. [Then] around three or four in the morning, he’ll go to the gym again.

"To the next morning, repeat. That’s pretty much the day and the life of Vince McMahon, I think." 

Vince has a crazy schedule every day

Absolutely crazy. Anderson is yet another person confirming the suggestion that McMahon works out every morning. He's 74-years-old!

Obviously, Vince is still very hands-on with the production of WWE too, so his average day just sounds exhausting. 

Right now, things are a bit different due to the coronavirus pandemic. There's no town-to-town travel, obviously. 

Vince hasn't needed his jet for a while

But as soon as things return to normal, expect to hear about Vince returning to his ridiculous routine. What a man! 

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