UFC news: Joe Rogan slammed for Black Lives Matter protest comments on podcast

Joe Rogan

Podcast host Joe Rogan has faced huge criticism after comments made around the Black Lives Matter movement on his latest podcast episode.

Speaking with biologist Bret Weinstein on last week’s The Joe Rogan Experience, the 52-year-old commented that the Black Lives Matter movement was ‘leaderless’ and ‘attractive to young people [who] feel disenfranchised by the system’.

“What’s the end goal? That doesn’t seem to be very clear. There are kids out, chanting no justice, no peace. I’m like ‘what justice are you talking about?’,” Rogan questioned.

The Black Lives Matter movement sparked into life in late May as protests broke out after the death of George Floyd.

Yet, when speaking on the issue, the host of America’s most listened to podcast said he believed the true meaning behind the protests had been lost.

“If you pull one of those kids aside and ask them ‘what’s your message and what are you trying to do?’, I think a lot of them would have nothing to say,” he commented.

“That is very concerning to me, I’m very concerned because they seem enthusiastic and passionate about an invisible enemy, an enemy they can’t put on a scale, they can’t tangibly describe it in a way that I can understand it completely.”

The full clip of Rogan’s comments can be watched below.

Needless to say, the podcast host has been heavily criticised for his comments on social media, particularly as he referred to the systematic racism the movement aims to break down as an ‘invisible enemy’.

Washington Wizards' shooting guard Bradley Beal tweeted: “Instead of assuming Joe! Get out there and ask those young men! And the fact you said invisible enemy is f*****g disgusting! This type of ignorance won’t be tolerated!!”

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