WWE news: AJ Styles shares behind-the-scenes details of Boneyard Match vs The Undertaker

The Boneyard Match was well received by fans

The Undertaker and AJ Styles stole the show at WrestleMania with their Boneyard match.

If it really was The Deadman's final ride before retirement - as many believe - then he'll be going out on a high.

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, WWE were forced to do something different at WrestleMania and that's exactly what the Boneyard Match was. 

It took place away from the arena - given there was no live audience to entertain - and was presented more like a cinematic event than a normal match. 

Fans absolutely loved it too, with many arguing it was the highlight of WrestleMania 36 and one of Undertaker's best-ever performances.

Two months on from 'Mania, Styles has now opened up about what it was like to film the Boneyard Match and given some more behind-the-scenes details. 

"I don’t know if everyone knows how long it actually took. We started around eight o’clock, and we didn’t get finished ‘til about 4:30 in the morning," Styles said, per WrestlingNews.

"It was basically a movie, so we needed to get cameras in the right spot and walk through some stuff that was going to happen.

The match took hours to film

"I have a lot more respect for actors after working on those fight scenes."

AJ also revealed that the shoot involved a lot of waiting around, but confirmed that all the fight scenes between him and Undertaker were done in one take. 

"It was difficult to stay up that late, but we pumped each other before the fight scenes," AJ continued.

Styles and Undertaker went to war at WrestleMania

"Undertaker and myself, we did our fight scenes in one take. That’s all it took. But at one point, Undertaker had his scene with the minions, so we were waiting for our spot to come up.

"The waiting, that part was long, but it was still good. The way it all turned out was unbelievable." 

For Styles and Undertaker to film their match in one take is very impressive. 

It could have been Undertaker's last match

We've heard plenty of backstage stories about other WWE cinematic matches - including Edge vs Randy Orton - needing to be reshot since.

That really does go to show just how great AJ and 'Taker are. If the Boneyard Match really was The Deadman's last, then it's one to be proud of.  

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