American watches Steven Gerrard's best goals for the first time and films his reaction


Steven Gerrard may not have won the Premier League title during his Liverpool career but there’s no denying he is probably the greatest player in the club’s history.

For years, Gerrard dragged a fairly underwhelming Liverpool sides to trophies – the highlight, of course, being the 2005 Champions League.

Gerrard could do it all.

He could tackle, he could pass and he scored 186 goals during his Liverpool career. And many of them were spectacular.

Gerrard’s highlight reel of his best goals is probably as good as any other player in football history.

But imagine being a grown man and never having seen a Gerrard goal before.

Well, that was the case for one American Youtuber who decided to treat himself to a compilation of Gerrard’s best goals and filmed his reaction for us all to see.

It’s rather brilliant watching him get more and more amazed by Gerrard’s greatness as he scored screamer after screamer.

Take a look:

It’s the type of video we’ve brought to you previously.

In May, we showed you how an NFL fan reacted to watching Manchester United legend Paul Scholes for the first time – and he was left in awe.

But for a stint at LA Galaxy at the end of his career, Gerrard remained at Liverpool for his whole career in England – although he almost left to join Chelsea in 2005.

And recently on Gary Neville’s Soccer Box, Gerrard revealed all about his almost move.

“I regret the little bit of flirting back then and how that all blew up,” Gerrard admitted.

“The fact is I didn’t know whether I was coming or going with Rafa at the time. Rafa was having conversations with me like ‘I know your agent is talking to Real Madrid and Chelsea’.


“I got a paranoid feeling at the time that Rafa would have taken money to try and build Liverpool on.

“Chelsea bid £37.5 million. At the time, massive amounts of dough but what would you get for that now?”

Neville joked: “Half a Fred!”

Gerrard continued: “[Jose] Mourinho was a massive part of that. A lack of maturity on my part allowed me to think about it and flirt with that idea a bit.

“But now I have no regrets at all because Liverpool are the club I love – and that’s the way it should be.”

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