Saudi expert reveals what Newcastle should expect from PIF

Mike Ashley

Newcastle's takeover could very soon be completed.

That's the word on the scene at the moment after it was revealed over the weekend, that an announcement could come by the end of the week.

It was a timely update given Newcastle's 3-0 win over Sheffield United, but they'll now have to overcome the challenge of Aston Villa too.

If they beat the Villans, it will continue a fabulous restart for the Magpies who are clearly buoyed by the winds of change in the north-east.

For ten weeks now the takeover has been rumbling along with seemingly no end in sight. That, however, may not be the case for much longer.

PIF have been at the centre of the takeover for ten weeks now, and despite Henry Mauriss' best attempts to upset the apple cart, he is still in no place to really rival the Saudi's.

Although his bid was reportedly worth £50m more than the initial sum thrown at Mike Ashley from PIF, it feels like he'd have to do an awful lot more to sway things.


Though, speaking recently in the True Faith Newcastle podcast, Saudi expert Dr Neil Quilliam had his say on all things PIF and Newcastle.

When questioned about the unfair expectations being thrown on them because of the impact of Sheikh Mansour at Manchester City, he revealed that Mohammed bin Salman is a vastly different people.

"Mohammed bin Salman hasn't had sort of schooling abroad that a lot of the leaders from the Golf have had and hasn't necessarily had the training being in his early 30s. He doesn't really have the experience that these other leaders have but what he does have which previous earlier session leaders didn't seem to have is that energy and drive and will to implement and enforce change and reforms for a long time."


Then commenting on what to expect in Saudi if the deal does go through, Quilliam stated:

"I think there's there's no doubt, suddenly, you would have pretty much the whole population of Saudi Arabia supporting Newcastle. They would see that as a very, very positive and strong move. The English Premier League would be a massive boost.

"It would sit well, especially with the youth which is the predominant demographic in the country, and there is a very strong and outwardly positive sentiment towards the UK."

GIVEMESPORT'S Matt Dawson says...

These are hugely positive quotes, not only for the Premier League, but also for Newcastle United.

The fact that PIF are so willing to enforce change, and indeed do that over a long period of time should be music to the ears of the Toon Army.

After hearing that, they should be sitting comfortably in the knowledge that, perhaps, the Saudi's are willing to stick at Newcastle for a sustained period of time, implementing change and helping the club for the better.

On top of that, for the Premier League alone, the sheer audience they'd receive from Saudi would be colossal.

Providing they can overcome the piracy issues that have been plaguing the takeover, the fact that so many people in the country would support Newcastle is not only good from a financial standpoint, but also for the image of the club and the league in foreign territories. 

The takeover may not be done and dusted quite yet, but it's clear there are some exciting times ahead if it gets over the line.

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