Remembering when Eddie Hall quite literally dropped a world record deadlift


It was just last month that Eddie Hall lost his deadlift world record to fierce rival Hafthor “Thor” Bjornsson in controversial circumstances.

However, it was not the first time that Hall had experienced bitter disappointment in relation to this world record.

Back at Europe’s Strongest Man 2014, Hall attempted to deadlift what would have been a then-world record 461kg (approximately 72.5 stone). Cheered on by a highly vocal crowd in Leeds, Hall managed to get the mammoth weight up.

As you will see in the video further down this article, though, disaster soon struck for Hall.

The rules for the lift clearly state that the weight cannot be dropped at any time. Although he had been given the signal to put the weight down, Hall still released the bar too early – essentially meaning that he had thrown away a world record!

Hall, the 2017 World’s Strongest Man, soon realises his error and is visibly devastated when referee Magnus Ver Magnusson confirms that his lift was illegal as the weight had not been lowered under control.

“The Beast” would eventually claim the world record that he had dropped, hoisting an incredible 500kg in July 2016. With that said, you would have to imagine that Hall still vividly remembers the pain of letting a world record slip from his grasp.

Hall’s 500kg deadlift was bettered by Bjornsson – otherwise known as Gregor ‘The Mountain’ Clegane in the hit-TV series Game of Thrones – in early May. Bjornsson managed to lift 501kg, but there were question marks over his effort almost immediately.

(Scroll to 08:28 in the video below to see Hall’s disaster)

Typically, world record attempts are made during sanctioned events. Owing to the current state of lockdown that the world finds itself in, Bjornsson’s lift took place in his home gym. Whilst it has been validated as a world record, many believe that Bjornsson’s effort amounts to little more than a “gym lift” – and argue that Hall’s record should still stand.

The unique circumstances surrounding Bjornsson’s world record have done nothing to dampen the rivalry between Hall and “The Mountain”. The pair are scheduled to meet in a boxing fight at some point next year in an effort to settle their differences. 

Whilst the arena might be different, should Hall get the chance to put Bjornsson away, he will not want to let it slip in the same way that he did a world record back in 2014.

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