WWE news: The Great Khali has undergone an impressive body transformation


WWE wrestlers are well-known for their imposing physiques, and one ex-wrestler is coming good on a vow to return to his prime physical condition.

The Great Khali – real name Dalip Singh Rana – became the first-ever Indian WWE world champion in 2007 after winning a 20-man battle royal. 

Khali rose to prominence in WWE in 2006 when he fought The Undertaker in a last man standing match, with his huge 7ft 1in frame making him a unique threat in the world of wrestling.

He retired from WWE in 2014, but returned briefly in 2017 to help Jinder Mahal beat Randy Orton to retain the WWE world title.

The longer he spent in the sport, however, the less toned the Indian wrestler became – though Khali is determined to return to his previous shape.

Over a decade after he first took on The Undertaker, Khali has been working hard to bring his physique back to the same level as his early days as a pro wrestler.

Now, the 47-year-old looks better than ever thanks to a gruelling workout regime and strict diet.

The so-called ‘Punjabi Playboy’ consumes an enormous amount of food every day, which is packed with protein to help him maintain and build his muscle mass.

According to Sportskeeda, Khali starts his day with fruit juices, two glasses of milk, eight eggs and 100 grams of dried fruit.

Before he even begins his workout plan, the Indian ex-wrestler also goes for a morning walk before taking down a breakfast of chicken and bread.


For lunch, he reportedly eats curry, pulses, vegetables, wheat bread, eggs, more dried fruit and, if that isn’t enough, another kilogram of chicken.

For dinner, Khali consumes another mountain of food, including even more chicken, brown rice, six eggs, wheat bread and two litres of milk and ice.

He also has a sweet tooth and a need for a caffeine fix, meaning his diet also includes ice cream, sweets, coffee and curd – a product similar to yoghurt that is popular in India.

His huge diet seems excessive, but his need for so many calories becomes clear with a look at his workout plan.

Khali starts his week with bicep and tricep training on a Monday, which includes barbell and dumbbell curls, tricep dips and sit-ups.

Tuesdays are for cardio work, centred on treadmill and cycling sessions.


On Wednesdays, Khali works on his shoulders and traps, before moving on to his back and abs on a Thursday.

Fridays are for his legs and abs, with sets of leg extensions, leg press and squats, as well as ab crunches and squats.

On Saturdays, Khali takes a rest day, though, even that includes 30 minutes on the treadmill. On Sundays, he returns to his full schedule, focusing on building his chest.

Khali regularly shares his progress on Instagram, allowing his 436,000 followers to keep track of his body transformation since his retirement from the sport.

Rana’s diet and workout plan certainly aren’t for the faint-hearted, but they have clearly had results for this WWE icon.

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