Call of Duty: Warzone Quads to return this week


Recently, Activision took it upon themselves to make the bold choice of swapping out Quads in favour of Realism Quads.

However, this will be undone this week, meaning you will once again be able to drop into Verdansk with three mates in search of that sweet Warzone victory.

Plunder and Blood Money Quads will also be enabled, so if collecting virtual currency is where you get your kicks, you are in for a treat.

The 50 vs 50 Warzone Rumble mode shall also remain in the playlist. The mode is great for the casual player who is looking for a less intense Warzone experience.

It is also great for warming up before dropping in a Battle Royale mode, to make sure you last more than five seconds after landing.

On the Modern Warfare side, a new mode will debut this week.

‘All or Nothing’ is a Free-For-All mode where you will start only equipped with a throwing knife, an empty pistol and very basic perks.

The first to work their way to 20 kills wins the game, but it will not be as easy as it sounds, as you will need to out-smart and out-scavenge your opponents.


Chaos 10 vs 10 will also be added to the Modern Warfare playlist this week. The mode is appropriately named, as it will see teams of 10 go against each other on maps that usually only host 6 vs 6 games.

One can only imagine the carnage that would ensue if one of these games were to go ahead on Shipment or Rust.

Activision continue to bring great content to both Warzone and Modern Warfare, with Modern Warfare 2 classic map ‘Highrise’ rumoured to make a return to the game soon.

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