Piers Morgan says he'd pick Cristiano Ronaldo over Lionel Messi 'every time' in a must-win game


Lionel Messi vs Cristiano Ronaldo… who you got?

By this point, you’ve probably already made your choice – and you’re sticking to it.

After all, both Messi and Ronaldo are into their thirties now and there’s nothing we haven’t yet seen from the duo.

Messi and Ronaldo have done all they can to convince you of their superiority and now it’s just interesting to see where everyone comes down on the argument.

Gary Lineker has made his allegiance to the Argentinian clear. The Match of the Day host never wastes an opportunity to heap praise on Messi and might just be his No.1 fan.

But he has a staunch opponent in Piers Morgan, who is Team Ronaldo.

Morgan’s admiration for Ronaldo appears to stem entirely from an interview with the Portuguese star last year but regardless, he stills claims that Ronaldo is the GOAT.


And when Lineker confessed his love for Messi on the Barcelona star’s 33rd birthday, Morgan just had to respond to let him know that he thinks Ronaldo is the true king.

“Never mind the goals. Nobody has ever passed the ball better than Messi,” Lineker wrote.

“Nobody has ever seen the things Messi sees. Nobody @ me with a better player. There’s never been one.”

Morgan did just that.

“Nobody’s ever had a fanboy like Messi has in you, that’s for sure,” Morgan replied.

“Ps Cristiano Ronaldo is a better player. Done it in more countries & on the international stage – and is stronger, fitter, faster & far greater in the air.”


Morgan, an Arsenal supporter, then went on to say that in a must-win game, Ronaldo would be the choice.

He added: “Wet, cold Wednesday night in Stoke…. You need a win to save your life…. You’d pick Ronaldo over Messi to do it. Every time.

“The man for all seasons.”

Ronaldo has a 70% win percentage in finals, compared to Messi’s 67.65%, so perhaps Morgan has a point.

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