David Luiz's worst moments as an Arsenal player have been compiled in brutal video


Arsenal fans are bewildered that David Luiz has been handed a new contract this week.

Gooners have endured a difficult return to the Premier League by watching their team suffer a convincing 3-0 defeat at Manchester City, before conceding a last-minute winner to Brighton.

And Luiz was one of the main culprits in the former, astonishingly coming off the bench to commit an error leading to a goal, conceding a penalty and picking up a red card. You couldn't write it.

It's not as though it was an anomalous performance from Luiz either and nobody in England's top division has conceded as many penalties as him this season with a head-scratching FOUR to his name.

Bearing that in mind, you'd think that it would come as a relief to Arsenal fans that Luiz's contract was due to expire in the summer and that the club wouldn't dream of renewing it.

Luiz's contract renewal

Yeah... about that. Arsenal announced that Luiz had penned a one-year contract extension alongside permanent moves for Pablo Mari and Cedric Soares and new terms for Dani Ceballos.

The club's technical director Edu said on Tuesday night: "David is a really important player for us. He has played most of our matches this season and has been important for the team.

"His passing, his communication with the team on and off the pitch - he helps everyone."


'David Luiz Awful Player'

Let's just say there's a fair share of Arsenal fans that would disagree with those comments, but let's allow the video evidence to do the talking as opposed to all the confusion across social media.

YouTuber 'BesAfc' decided to post a video compiling Luiz's worst mistakes at Arsenal this week, simply and brutally calling it 'David Luiz Awful Player' to the tune of 20,000 views.

His similar edit of Shkodran Mustafi alongside the same label of 'awful player' went viral with over two million views and this could easily follow in its footsteps with amusing music and clips.

The sheer extent of his errors despite playing just 33 times for the club is beggar belief, so strap yourselves in for 100 seconds of madness down below:

David. What went wrong, David? 

Luiz has always had a mistake in him, that much has been true for years, but seldom have we seen the Brazilian come unstuck on such a regular basis as he has at the Emirates Stadium.

It's as though he's dropping performances tantamount to his meltdown in the 7-1 loss to Germany or when Luis Suarez nutmegged him twice in the Champions League every other week. 


There's no doubt that Luiz has a top quality defender within him, we saw it during the 2016/17 season under Antonio Conte, but Arsenal fans can be forgiven for doubting that fact right now

Whether one extra year on his contract will change things remains to be seen.

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