Liverpool players ranked by their wages from 'very underpaid' to 'very overpaid'

  • Kobe Tong

Liverpool are on the verge of being crowned Premier League champions for the very first time.

But by no real fault of their own, the Reds' victorious moment is destined to feel underwhelming and that's because, well, it seems to have been on the cards for an entire six months.

The COVID-19 pandemic forced a three-month interval in footballing action that seems to have perpetuated the 3-0 loss to Watford and contributed to the dire 0-0 draw with Everton.

However, it's about time we started to put respect back on the names of a squad that is on course to become the greatest Premier League side in history. Well, objectively, at least.

And for that reason, you'd expect that Liverpool would have some of the highest-paid players in the land, rewarded for leading the charge towards 100 points and beyond.

Liverpool on course for greatness

That's not necessarily the case, though, with many of the league's top earners coming from Manchester City and Manchester United, according to the data collected by spotrac.

So, here at GIVEMESPORT we decided to look in depth at Liverpool's wage structure to see how players are being paid in relation to how well they've been performing on the pitch.

As a result, we've ranked the 20 players for which there are data - Adrian and Takumi Minamino's wages remain unknown - from the 'very underpaid' all the way to 'very overpaid'.


Liverpool players and wages

Now, we're no financial experts, so you'll have to stick with our imaginary world where everyone in the Liverpool squad is paid based on form. We're not saying that anyone is stealing a living here...

Disclaimers aside, though, here's how the Liverpool squad shapes up with their wages in our eyes:

Very underpaid 

Trent Alexander-Arnold - £40,000-a-week

Sadio Mane - £100,000-a-week

Joe Gomez - £28,000-a-week

Andrew Robertson - £50,000-a-week

The best right-back and left-back in the world are on a combined £90,000-a-week and that's despite having recently signed new contracts!? Try telling us they don't deserve to be in any tier other than this one.

As for Mane, you'll slowly start to appreciate how bad his 'mere' £100,000-a-week begins to look when you see some of his teammates' pay packets. It does seem very little for a Ballon d'Or contender, it must be said.

And finally, Gomez is by no means up to Alexander-Arnold and Mane's standard, but his status as the lowest-paid player in the first-team squad for which there is data seems a major injustice.



Alisson Becker - £90,000-a-week

Georginio Wijnaldum - £75,000-a-week

The best goalkeeper in the world is paid less than... well, we'll get on to that, but considering David de Gea is earning himself a cool £375,000-a-week makes us feel really quite sorry for Alisson.

And then a player so often undervalued in Wijnaldum seems to have been undervalued quite literally here with a salary that compares unfavourably with stars who play far less often than him.


Spot on

Divock Origi - £45,000-a-week

Fabinho - £100,000-a-week

Joel Matip - £100,000-a-week

Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain - £120,000-a-week

Jordan Henderson - £140,000-a-week

Mohamed Salah - £200,000-a-week

Roberto Firmino - £180,000-a-week

Virgil van Dijk - £180,000-a-week

Yeh, there's not too much to say here considering we think Liverpool have got these wages pretty much spot on. I mean, who's to argue with Firmino, Salah and Van Dijk being the top dogs?

The £100,000-a-week mark seems bang on the money for Matip and Fabinho, it's good to see Henderson getting just reward and perhaps the only one we toed-and-froed on was the Ox.

Origi is paid a lot less than the teammates he's sharing this tier with, but we just thought £45,000-a-week seemed about right for a player who mixes little game-time with big goal-scoring moments.



Naby Keita - £120,000-a-week

James Milner - £140,000-a-week

Xherdan Shaqiri - £80,000-a-week

Although Keita is really starting to come into his stride in recent games - and trust us, we want to be proven wrong - his pay packet looks a little ham-fisted as it stands compared to his compadres.

And yesssssss, we know Milner is doing incredibly well right now and is making his age of 34 look like just a number, but should he be paid the same as Henderson and more than Fabinho? Nah.

As for Shaqiri, £80,000-a-week is by no means a financial disgrace, but you have to think he should be on something more like Origi's money when he's only started one game in all competitions this season.


Very overpaid

Dejan Lovren - £100,000-a-week

Adam Lallana - £110,000-a-week

Nathaniel Clyne - £70,000-a-week

If you'd have disagreed with our placement of Lovren before the Everton game, you surely agree with it now. He's. On. The. Same. Money. As. Mane. How. On. Earth?

Poor Lallana has never really come into his own at Liverpool, though he'll leave this summer with his head held high, even if he can feel a little lucky to still be pocketing a cool £110,000-a-week.

It seems slightly harsh dumping Clyne here because he was a top player for Liverpool before the injuries and is due to leave this month, but there's no placement for him in this list, we're afraid. 


Some surprising finds

Admit it, you're surprised that Alexander-Arnold and Mane are on some of the lowest wages?

Don't get us wrong, we're sure Mane is delighted to be earning £100,000-a-week have risen from poverty, but let's not deny that it seems strange he earns less than Lallana and the same as Lovren.

All isn't fair in the world of wages, sadly, and Premier League clubs have also felt the brunt of the pandemic's financial scorns, so these inaccuracies may remain in spite of the title success.


But as long as these players are enjoying their football and being treated fairly, we're sure they'll be focusing more on lifting silverware than how their wages match up against teammates.

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