Jurgen Klopp shows off his dance moves during Liverpool's title party


Jurgen Klopp was clearly very emotional after Liverpool were crowned Premier League champions last night.

"I have no words," Klopp told Sky Sports.

"It's the best thing I can imagine and more than I could have ever dreamed of. It's unbelievable. Much more than I ever thought would be possible."

He then had to leave his interview early because he started tearing up. Or was it down to the fact he just wanted to start the party?

We’ve heard plenty of stories about Klopp’s ‘work hard, play hard’ motto - and we saw that when Liverpool won the Champions League last season.

On the parade bus, Klopp wasn’t seen without a beer in his hand and almost fell off at one point.

For his first Christmas Party at Liverpool, Klopp demanded that every player stayed until 1am despite them losing 3-0 to Watford earlier that day.

“We are all disappointed, but the game has gone now,” Klopp said.

“Right now, this is our priority. I don’t mind whether you drink, but no one leaves here before 1am. Whatever we do together, we do as well as we can – and tonight that means we party.”

If he’s saying that after a 3-0 loss to Watford, imagine what he’s like after his side have just won the Premier League.

Well, imagine no more.

Because a video has emerged of Klopp at last night’s party in the hotel - and it looks as though he’s having a great time.

Klopp can be seen in the middle of the dancefloor busting a few moves as the players around him watch on.

What a guy - how can you not love him?

Other Liverpool players have started sharing videos of that party and it looks as though they had a pretty good time.

Bet there’s a few sore heads this morning…

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