Liverpool's 2019/20 team named as the greatest champions in Premier League history

Liverpool are already being named as the greatest PL winners

Liverpool are Premier League champions.

Jurgen Klopp and his incredible squad have delivered the club's first top-flight title in 30 years and it's fair to say that this season, no one came close to challenging them.

The Reds have broken a number of records en-route to claiming the crown, but the most impressive perhaps is securing glory with seven matches to spare.

Manchester United previously held that record, once winning the Premier League with five games to go, but Klopp and co. have blown them out of the water.

With 28 wins and just one defeat from 31 fixtures so far, Liverpool's dominance on the pitch this season really has shown.

But how does this title-winning team match up against those of year's gone by?

Well, according to The Independent, Liverpool's 2019/20 champions are the greatest ever.

"They were never once off the top," Chief Football Writer Miguel Delaney says while justifying his suggestion. 

Liverpool have been untouchable this season

"The main reasons are those 27 wins from 30 games. There has, quite simply, never been a level of dominance like it.

"There may, of course, be wider economic reasons for that, but the fact they ended up 20-plus and 40-plus points ahead of wealthier rivals means they just have to be ahead of everyone here.

"Add to that they were defending European champions, and it’s difficult to take anything away from this Liverpool. They're just much less fallible than everyone else."

Liverpool have dominated England and Europe

It's hard to argue with the suggestion that Liverpool are the greatest Premier League champions in history.

But what about the best of the rest? The Independent did also rank every other Premier League title-winning team from worst to best, which you can see below:

  • 28. Blackburn Rovers 1994-95
  • 27. Manchester United 2000-01
  • 26. Manchester United 1992-93
  • 25. Manchester United 1996-97
  • 24. Leicester City 2015-16
  • 23. Manchester United 2012-13
  • 22. Manchester United 2010-11
  • 21. Manchester United 1999-2000
  • 20. Manchester United 2002-03
  • 19. Manchester City 2013-14
  • 18. Manchester United 1995-96
  • 17. Chelsea 2014-15
  • 16. Manchester United 1993-94
  • 15. Chelsea 2005-06
  • 14. Manchester United 2006-07
  • 13. Manchester City 2011-12
  • 12. Chelsea 2016-17
  • 11. Chelsea 2009-10
  • 10. Arsenal 1997-98
  • 9. Arsenal 2001-02
  • 8. Manchester United 2008-09
  • 7. Arsenal 2003-04
  • 6. Manchester United 1998-99
  • 5. Manchester City 2018-19
  • 4. Chelsea 2004-05
  • 3. Manchester City 2017-18
  • 2. Manchester United 2007-08
  • 1. Liverpool 2019-20
Liverpool have been untouchable this year

It may have taken 30 years, but Liverpool really did do it in style. It wasn't enough to just win the Premier League. Oh no, Klopp's men absolutely dominated it. 

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