WWE news: On this day in 2011, CM Punk dropped the 'pipebomb' and changed wrestling forever

CM Punk's pipebomb is iconic

"Do I have everybody's attention now?" 

Those were the famous words CM Punk used as he sat in the middle of the ring in July 2011, returning to RAW two weeks after dropping his infamous 'pipebomb'.

That's now regarded as one of - if not the greatest promo of all-time - and it happened exactly nine years ago. 

So why was it such a big moment? Well, it's fair to say we'd never seen anything like Punk's pipebomb before and arguably, it changed everything in WWE. 

On June 27, 2011, after interfering to cost John Cena a match against R-Truth, 'The Best in the World' took a mic, sat down on the ramp, and began to tell his story. 

Punk famously went after Vince McMahon with an explosive promo that shattered the fourth wall as he questioned why he wasn't pushed as the top guy, despite being the best wrestler in WWE.

He even suggested the company would be 'better off when Vince McMahon is dead' and fired shots at Cena, Triple H and even Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson, for being the best 'a** kissers'.

It really was an incredible moment and one like we'd never seen before. Check out the pipebomb below:  

Nine years on, many wrestling fans still think Punk's words ring true. He may have left WWE in 2014, but the pipebomb is STILL being talked about to this day.

That's why it's so iconic. It was a defining moment in professional wrestling, as Punk shattered the lines between 'real' and 'fake' - changing how fans viewed the product. 

He gave a voice to the voiceless and changed how the 'little' guy was viewed, even opening the door for 'indie darlings' to break into WWE soon after.  

Punk's pipebomb changed everything in WWE

In fact, for a long time, many couldn't even work out if the pipebomb was scripted or a 'shoot'.

While we'd love to believe it was unscripted, the reality is, Punk would have been cut off long before he was if WWE hadn't given him the green light to go out and speak... and change everything. 

But that doesn't take anything away from what he did that night. The pipebomb was iconic and it's something well worth celebrating every year. 

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