WWE news: 'Two dozen' employees test positive for COVID-19, including in-ring talent

WWE continue to run shows at the PC

As many as two dozen WWE employees have tested positive for coronavirus. 

The first round of testing began earlier this week at the Performance Center when multiple individuals came down with the virus. 

While the hope would have been for positive cases remain low, PWInsider are now reporting that they have risen dramatically to the ‘two dozen range’. 

It’s a massive blow to Vince McMahon, who has been running shows throughout the pandemic. 

Despite lots of new cases, including some in-ring talent, it seems WWE will continue to taping weekly shows.

They released a statement addressing the coronavirus issue, with no mention of scrapping production.  

“WWE will continue COVID-19 testing of its talent, production crew and employees in advance of TV productions for the foreseeable future.” 

Per WrestlingNews, Friday’s taping of RAW was postponed, but only for 24 hours. It’s expected to be completed on Saturday instead.   

WWE will continue to run shows

Renee Young and Kayla Braxton, two on-screen stars, have already announced that they have tested positive for coronavirus this week.

“Man. What a few days. My show gets cancelled and I get COVID. Wear your masks and wash your hands. Stay safe, everyone,” Young tweeted on Thursday. 

Meanwhile, Braxton confirmed she’s caught the virus for a second time, tweeting:

“Was keeping it quiet but since everyone else is sharing, I feel like it is my responsibility to share this. PSA: YOU CAN GET COVID-19 MORE THAN ONCE!

“I had it back in early March and then thought I was invincible after I recovered. Not true. Don’t be dumb like me.”

Braxton has caught COVID-19 for a second time

The broadcaster then deleted her Twitter account after facing backlash from some fans. 

WWE’s increase in positive tests coincides with a huge spike in Florida. On Thursday, the state recorded it’s highest number of confirmed cases, with 8,942.

Gov. Ron DeSantis is now effectively taking new shutdown measures, which could have even more impact on WWE’s tapings at the Performance Center. 

WWE will continue running shows in Florida

But it seems until they are forced to stop – and it remains to be seen if they will be – the company will continue running shows. 

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