Unseen footage of Eddie Hall in the aftermath of deadlifting 500kg

  • Will Day

Eddie Hall formerly held the deadlift world record at 500kg, but what most don’t know is the incredible feat nearly cost him his life. 

Official Strongman’s YouTube has released unseen footage from that day in Leeds back in 2016, where Eddie was in a critical condition. 

The 500kg deadlift all came about when Hall said he would accept £1 million to lift it a year earlier in an interview. 

Official Strongman knew that this world record would go viral and potentially gain them a lot of money and followers, so they told Hall that if he did it, they would grant him the £1 million. 

‘The Beast’, who was in the form of his life at this point, started training like no one has before and just a year later at British Strongman in Leeds declared that he was ready to lift the astronomical weight. 

He hoisted the weight up and successfully locked it out, meaning the world record was his, however, he bled from his nose and mouth, immediately passing out, leaving many in the arena confused and worried for the Strongman. 

In the unseen footage released, you can see the immediate aftermath and events that took place in the back rooms, and it is quite disturbing as Hall was clearly in a bad way. 

He was laid out on a sort of massage bed with paramedics and first aid trained people beside him, aiding him. 

Still 20 minutes later after the lift, his heart rate was still way above 200bpm, a worrying number considering some never experience 200bpm in their entire life. 

His blood pressure was also matching. 

In an interview a couple of years later, ‘The Beast’ explained: “As far as I’m concerned, that’s the magic number for me. I really wanted to hit that magic 500 kilo, I wanted to be the first man to lift half a ton.” 

Despite Hall nearly dying, and the entire experience being caught on camera, in the same interview he said: ”If someone were to come along and break that record, I don’t know, maybe some fire would ignite in me and maybe I would want to go a bit heavier. 

“You know, what’s capable? I genuinely think I could pull 550 kilos, you know, around the 1200-pound mark.” 

After what happened in terms of the aftermath of that lift, Hall might be being a bit optimistic, but who would put it past him, you don’t get the nickname ‘The Beast’ for nothing. 


Following Thor’s lift of 501kg, this has sparked a bit of a rivalry between the two, even to the point where they are getting in the ring sometime next year to slug it out. 

What’s next for Eddie Hall is unsure at the minute as he trains for the bout between him and Thor, however, if there is one thing for sure, you can never put something past ‘The Beast’.

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