Couple build home-gym for £900 which could have cost upwards of £12,000

  • Will Day

Jodie Foulgar and Andy Fernandez have been, like many, heavily affected by the closure of gyms across England, so they decided to build their own in their own back garden - nothing too crazy, right? 

Initially, the couple were quoted £12,000 for the work to get their shed kitted out with all the equipment they wanted, so they decided to build it by themselves. 

Jodie documented the entirety of the build on her Instagram page -

She said she just looked up pre-made designs for inspiration before purchasing wood and screws from their local wood-yard. 

When asked about where she made all of her purchases, she told "We purchased all of the wood and screws from our local wood yard called Maplin. The UPVC windows and doors were only £80 from our local scrap yard.

"They were originally brown and white, but I painted them grey with Rustoleum universal slate grey paint. The external paint used was Cuprinol Dusky Gem and was from B&Q. The gym mats were £10 a pack from B&Q also. The huge mirrors were from IKEA for £100. I then added all of the added finishing touches outside too.

"The 4x2 wood cost around £300, the shiplap wood cost about £350 and the paint cost £60. The roof felt was £60 and the facias were free from a roofer friend." 

Now that is a BARGAIN. 

The idea of building a home gym from scratch, although seeming a bit farfetched, it isn’t actually that hard if you sort of have an idea as to what you’re doing. 

When questioned as to why they wanted a home gym, Foulgar replied: "We decided to build the gym because my partner Andy is a huge gym fanatic. When lockdown hit and the gyms were closed, he was not pleased so I said 'let's build one'." 

When the idea was in the planning stages, the couple looked up pre-built gyms similar to the size they wanted. Foulgar recalls them all being between £5,000-£12,000. 

With the gym equipment already at their house just under some tarpaulin, all was ready to go and the gym was ready to be used. 

Speaking about the end product, Foulgar said: "I absolutely love home interior and garden design - my Instagram account is my hobby really.


"After receiving extortionate quotes, we thought 'why not do it ourselves - what have we got to lose!?'

To be able to do it for only £900 was crazy. The end result was beautiful and it was a great learning curve for us both." 

So, what’s your excuse for not hitting the gym in lockdown?

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