Jamie Carragher criticised for joining Liverpool fans celebrating Premier League title

  • Kobe Tong

Liverpool fans took to the streets after they wrapped up the Premier League title earlier this week.

Manchester City’s 2-1 defeat at Stamford Bridge ensured the Reds couldn’t possibly surrender their lead at the summit and therefore secured their first league title in exactly 30 years.

It was brilliant to see Kopites celebrating the historic moment in such partisan fashion, but it was also concerning when you consider we haven’t seen the end of the COVID-19 pandemic.

City Mayor Joe Anderson tweeted: “I appreciate #LFC fans want to celebrate but please, for your own safety, and that of others, go home and celebrate at home.

“Covid-19 is still a major risk and our city has already lost far too many people to the illness.”

Liverpool fans celebrate title win

Hats off to all the Liverpool fans who have maintained social distancing throughout the celebrations, but the footage would sadly suggest that it wasn’t the case for all the Kopites in attendance.

And amidst the swathes of fans piling into the city centre to party on Thursday night and beyond was none other than club legend Jamie Carragher.

The Sky Sports pundit had appeared on TV coverage during the evening of Liverpool’s victory, telling skipper Jordan Henderson that he was going to get ‘absolutely rotten tonight’.

Carragher joins the street parties

However, Carragher has come in for criticism from some fans on social media for taking the decision to enjoy the city celebrations, citing their grievance as the 42-year-old setting a bad example.

A number of fan photographs with Carragher have emerged on Twitter showing his presence at the party, though it goes without saying that he keeps his distance in the snaps we’ve seen.

Nevertheless, one student paramedic tweeted: “We have ex-Liverpool players at pier head, condoning mass gatherings and showing a lack of Respect for Covid-19 Rules. @Carra23 come on mate, should be setting an example.”


Another messaged Sky Sports to say: “How can you possibly allow your employee @Carra23 to continue to work for you when he’s today breached lockdown rules and guidelines being with the crowds at Pier Head?”

There are even a minority of fans who believe the Liverpool great should be sacked for his behaviour.

However, a source close to Carragher told the Daily Star that he only went to the celebrations to accompany his son and that he always maintained social-distancing throughout. 


It goes without saying that Carragher seems to have adhered to the governmental advice and any calls for him to be dismissed by Sky Sports are completely ham-fisted.

But it certainly isn’t ideal behaviour if it unwittingly encourages others to join mass gatherings in a manner less safe than his own in a time where coronavirus continues to claim thousands of lives.

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