Steven Gerrard is voted the better captain over his successor Jordan Henderson


Steven Gerrard has been voted a better captain than Jordan Henderson, despite the latter winning a Premier League title with Liverpool.

A poll sent out by GiveMeSport confirmed that 80% of fans that voted are in favour of Gerrard, putting Henderson at a rather harsh 20%.

According to many Liverpool fans, Gerrard is the all-time GOAT and fan favourite. He proved his loyalty to the club back in 2005 when Chelsea came knocking – he stayed put.

Gerrard won everything during his illustrious career with Liverpool, everything except one trophy – the Premier League title.

Gerrard missed his only real opportunity at the title back in 2014 with Liverpool after a consequential slip-up meant that a fabulous season up until that point was shattered; leaving Chelsea’s Demba Ba to capitalise on his mistake, a mistake that self-admittedly, to this day, still haunts him.

Fast forward to the year 2020 and to the era of Jurgen Klopp, a Champions League and a Premier League trophy later, Liverpool look convincingly one of, if not the, best team in Europe today.

Spearheading the team’s success on the field is Gerrard’s successor, Henderson; written off by many fans in his early tenure at the club, he is now the clear-cut captain for club and country and a firm fan favourite.

It ought to be addressed that only 20% of fans who registered a vote on GiveMeSport’s poll feel he is the better captain. It has to be said that this reflects harshly on Henderson and what he has achieved since Gerrard’s retirement.


Gerrard posted an emotional picture to his Instagram account stating that he “couldn’t have passed it to a better person” – referring to the captain’s armband and that he was ‘proud of him’.

Regardless of fan opinion, Henderson certainly deserves some credit; he has taken the reins from a true legend and took on a real sense of responsibility and leadership, and against many doubters has gone on to cement his place in Liverpool folk-law.

Liverpool seem to only be getting better and with a team full of togetherness and quality, maybe we have only seen a glimpse of what is to come.

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