Roy Keane: Twitter account of Man Utd legend having photos with fans and his comments is gold

  • Rob Swan

Roy Keane may have retired 14 years ago but he’s still the angriest man in football – and that’s why we all love him.

It doesn’t take much to send the former Manchester United captain into a rage.

Football had only been back for two minutes following the coronavirus pandemic when Keane, in his role as a Sky Sports pundit, destroyed David de Gea and Harry Maguire following mistakes against Tottenham earlier this month.

“I’m shocked by that goal. I’ve watched a lot of football and to give away that goal I’m fuming,” Keane said after Steven Bergwijn put Spurs 1-0 up. “I’m staggered at [Harry] Maguire and I’m sick to death of this goalkeeper.

“I would be fighting him at half-time, I would be swinging punches at that guy. I am flabbergasted.

“Maguire and De Gea, I wouldn’t even let them on the bus after the match. Get a taxi back to Manchester.”

Earlier that day, Keane also aimed fire at Aston Villa captain Jack Grealish for laughing during a match.

With Keane, what you see is what you get.


Now 48, it’s fair to say the legendary Premier League midfielder isn’t mellowing with age.

But is he different in real life with fans of his?

You’ll be pleased to hear that no… no he isn’t.

We know this because of the Peter Crouch podcast.

Crouch and his co-hosts Tom Fordyce and Chris Stark recently asked people who have bravely managed to get photos with Keane to send in their pics along with the words he said to them at the time.


The result is pure gold.

It led to the birth of the ‘Sixteenth Chapel’ – an online exhibition, given its name because Stark thought the Sistine Chapel was called the ‘Sixteenth Chapel’ – and a wonderful Twitter account called ‘Can I have a photo Roy?’

Here’s the Sixteenth Chapel…

And we thought we’d pick out some of our favourite entries from the aforementioned Twitter account…

Can you even say you met Roy Keane if he doesn’t tell you to f*** off?

What a man.

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