WWE news: Vince McMahon still doesn't think coronavirus is anything to worry about


Vince McMahon seems to think that the global coronavirus pandemic that has killed and caught out millions of people is just a big case of the flu and is not taking the diagnosis and the severity of it very seriously.

This is according to Bryan Alvarez, who was talking on Wrestling Observer Live, as per WrestlingNews.

Around the world, millions of people have been losing their lives and their loved ones to this deadly virus, yet Vince seems to think it is one big flu.

Even though many WWE employees took to social media earlier last week to confirm that they had in fact tested positive for the virus, Vince still doesn’t believe that it is going to, or has had, a big impact in his promotions and its talents.

In comments written in Sunday’s edition of the Wrestling Observer Live, it has been reported that McMahon stated he thinks that the virus is only that of a “bad case of the flu” and nothing more.

Alvarez said: “Vince McMahon has never said anything publicly about what he thinks about the coronavirus. He’s never said anything publicly … I have heard from multiple sources that Vince does not think that this is all that bad. I hesitate to even say that. I’m not sitting here saying that he outright thinks its a hoax or whatever.”

The more we read into this the more we can see that the rumours may actually be true, as after around six-seven months of this virus being in the air and around the world, McMahon had only started to test his superstars for covid-19 earlier this month, and that was only after news had broken that developmental talented had tested positive.

Prior to this, WWE had subjected everyone entering the Performance Center for tapings to temperature checks and had instituted several other safety procedures, but did not perform any coronavirus tests.


As more and more people within the wrestling world are deemed to be testing positive for the virus, it can only be a matter of time until McMahon admits that it is not just a case of bad flu, but something more serious than that.

He clearly hasn’t lost anyone or been affected by the virus himself, but as millions of people in the world have died from it, it does raise the question, why on earth isn't he taking it more seriously?

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