Arsenal legend Ray Parlour downs Jagerbomb with a surprise twist


There are two types of people on a night out, those who see Jagerbombs as a blessing and an essential for having a good night, and those who wretch at the very scent of the stuff.

If you fit into the second option, you may want to look away now, this video isn’t for you.

This video is not just a one off from Arsenal legend Ray Parlour, however, who has posted videos frequently of himself downing beverages in the comfort of his own home.

Viewers of the ITV series ‘Harry’s Heroes’ will also be familiarised with Parlour’s drinking antics, as well as those of his former teammates.

Parlour also states in the video that this is to be his last video due to the pubs long-awaited return this weekend, as they can reopen following eased lockdown restrictions due to the coronavirus.

But what drink would Parlour select to be his last downed beverage? A twist on the classic Jagerbomb.

So, what is this twist on such a classic?

Well, “The Romford Pele” has swapped out the energy drink, the bomb part of the Jagerbomb you might say, for more Jägermeister. You have my attention, Mr Parlour.

“I'm gonna go for a 'Jäger Jäger', finish in style,” states Parlour.

The retired pro then proceeds to almost half fill a tumbler glass with Jägermeister, replacing what would usually be energy drink and at this point he even doubts himself, saying: “I dunno if I’m gonna be able to finish this, but I’ll have a go.”

That’s the spirit.

He then fills a shot glass with Jager and drops it in to the tumbler and thus the 'Jäger Jäger' is born.
Parlour sinks the drink in one seemingly unfazed and outstanding effort. Of course, there was a cough or two, but that can be excused.

After finishing, Parlour pleads to those watching at home to not try it... very reasonable advice.

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