PlayStation 4 players are complaining that Modern Warfare is causing their consoles to overheat


Between the massive updates and technical difficulties, Activision and Infinity Ward have faced some criticism when it comes to ‘Call of Duty: Modern Warfare’ and ‘Warzone’, but these are issues that the developers have been very quick to address and fix.

However, they might not have predicted the latest problem players would encounter with the game and its spinoff Battle Royale mode.

The PS4, at best, is not the quietest console on the market.

In fact, at times it sounds like a commercial airliner is about to take flight in the middle of the house.

So, you can imagine PS4 players’ frustrations when a game makes their console run even louder and even overheat.

Call of Duty pro “Attach” shared a clip of his console running ‘Modern Warfare’ on Twitter and the thing is struggling, you can almost hear it crying for help.

Like our previous point of the console sounding like a commercial airliner, the CoD pro refers to his console as the ‘jet engine.’

The clip shared by Attach would go on to inspire others to share their concerns in to why the game was making their consoles run so loudly. One individual also showed how the game would make their console overheat to the point that it would shut down.

With how infamous the PS4 is for running extremely loudly, it could be a possibility that the game has nothing to do with the noise and overheating issues and those consoles running extra loud may just need their vents cleaning and be repositioned to avoid overheating.

There are some players, though, who are convinced that it is the game causing these issues.

The same player who demonstrated that the game would make their console overheat to the point of it shutting off, explained that they had tried cleaning their console, but points to the menu of the game’s “uncapped frame rate” as the main problem.

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