Sunday League footballer is raising money for NHS by selling boots that ‘guarantee silverware’


Moving on from a pair of football boots can be incredibly hard.

You’ve been through a lot with them. You’ve been on scoring sprees and scoring droughts. You’ve scored a 30-yard belter and missed an open goal.

But then, it reaches a point where you need a new pair.

It’s hard to let go and many Sunday League players will have kept all the boots they’ve worn.

But one guy has a different idea.

Harinderpal Bajwa, a creative director from Kettering, has decided to list his old pair of Adidas adipure 11Pro TRX FG on eBay, and he’s added a hilarious listing message in the hopes of selling them for a nice sum of money.

The best part of the story is that Harinderpal will donate all the proceeds from the auction to the NHS.

The description on the eBay auction reads reads: “You like scoring goals? These are for you. You want to win every 50-50. Look no further. You love shouting 'ONE-TWO' right before every one-two. Buy. These. Now.

"These size 8s come with money can't buy pedigree and a proven track record that lit-up the second tier of the Northants Combination League back in the day.

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"These boots can do everything. I've cushioned balls down from the stars. I've Cruyff-turned full backs into another dimension. I've played entire games using only the outside of my foot.

"When you pull them out of your boot bag the lads in the dressing room will know you mean business. When the gaffer sees them he'll refer to you as the footballer in the team. When you shout things like 'third man running' everyone will nod with approval."

Some ‘technical specifications’ for the boots are then listed, including ’They’re not hot pink’, ’They don’t come with a dynamic streamlined upper for fierce precision and supercharged traction’, and ‘They’re not worn by Jesse Lingard.’


The description continues: “What you see is what you get. And it doesn’t matter what position you play these will get the job done.

“Drop in at centre mid and look cultured. Fill in up top and look like a no nonsense 40 a season man. Run the line and look trustworthy AF.

“High price reflects the inevitable return on investment. Guaranteed silverware or your money back. References from team mates available at request.”


Take a look at the boots HERE.

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