Luis Suarez named a better player than Thierry Henry in fan's Twitter thread


Thierry Henry and Luis Suarez both took the Premier League by storm when they arrived in England.

Henry is considered by many to be the competition's greatest ever player as the star man in Arsenal's 'Invincibles' and the winner of an unprecedented four Golden Boots in just eight years.

Combine that with the World Cup he won with France in 1998 as their top scorer and finally ending his Champions League hoodoo with Barcelona in 2009 for a simply staggering career.

However, it's feasible that Suarez could have bettered Henry's achievements in England had he stayed at Anfield a little longer, bowing out with a remarkable 31-goal season in 2013/14.

It propelled him to even greater success with Barca, winning 13 major honours and outscoring Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo with an outrageous 40 league goals in his second season.

Was Henry overrated?

Nevertheless, if we were to ask 1,000 football fans who they thought was the better player out of Suarez and Henry, we'd feel pretty confident that the majority would go for the ex-Arsenal man.

But hold that thought because any such preference for Henry might not be as secure as you might think, according to a new thread from Twitter user @FootyThreads_, anyway.

We've seen Henry's statistics, particularly in finals, bashed in various Twitter threads during lockdown and the usual yardstick for criticism comes with comparisons to Didier Drogba.


Thierry Henry vs Luis Suarez

But this gives an entirely new twist on the whole 'was Henry overrated?' question by contrasting him with, well, somebody that hasn't really been held in the same esteem as him by supporters.

Now, we're not here to say that Suarez is indeed 'clear of Thierry Henry' as the thread would suggest, but you'd have to be a diehard Arsenal fan to think it's worthy of no merit at all.

So, without further ado, open your mind and check out the full Twitter thread down below:

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Clear victory for Suarez

Come on, admit it, the statistics don't lie.

For a kick off, Suarez averaged more goals, more assists and general goal contributions during his 10-year prime than Henry did during his own by miles upon miles upon miles.

Even when you compare their respective greatest ever seasons, finest ever Champions League campaigns and exclude Suarez's Ajax statistics, the answer still points towards the Uruguayan.

In fact, the data suggests that Suarez is the closest thing we've ever seen to Ronaldo and Messi during the 21st century with an almost unrivalled attacking output.


Of course, this isn't to say that Henry was in any way a bad player, far from it, but claiming that he's a better forward than Suarez is both ill-advised and most likely downright incorrect.

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