Liverpool's spending looks staggering compared to other Premier League champions

  • Kobe Tong

Liverpool have almost enjoyed an entire week as Premier League champions.

After 30 years without a league title, it will be some time before Kopites around the country and world come down from the high of seeing their icons conquer England's top flight.

What will be most pleasing to them, however, is the manner in which Jurgen Klopp has made history and cut short what could easily have been an era of dominance from Manchester City.

First and foremost, Liverpool play a brand of 'heavy metal' football that makes them blockbuster to watch, quickly transitioning from defence to attack with stunning pace and vigour.

However, the nature of their victory is also evidence in how they teed it up away from the pitch and particularly their spending compared to Pep Guardiola's 2017/18 and 2018/19 champions.

Net spending

Earlier this month, we looked at the Premier League table by net spending over the last five years with City conspicuously coming top with a monumental £601.98 million.

In other words, the Citizens have thrown a mind-boggling amount of money with very little in return to reap two Premier League titles in the timeframe specified.

Liverpool, on the other hand, found themselves sitting pretty in 14th with a discrepancy of £107.58 million, which is almost half a billion less than the total at the Etihad Stadium.


Premier League champions' spending

But we're not finished there because a new graphic by the Premier League has shown the shrewdness of Liverpool's spending once again.

The image, which has gone viral on social media, shows the amount of transfer spending conducted by Premier League champions over the last 10 years in the summer and winter of their triumph.

What's the figure for Liverpool? A whopping £8.6 million. Yup. That is all. And it's even rounded up.

The Reds entered the season having spent a £1.3 million on Sepp van den Berg - Adrian arrived on a free transfer - before Takumi Minamino's £7.25 million move bumped up the total in the winter.

Check out the full graphic down below:

Astonishing scenes. Just look at how Liverpool compare to their predecessors.

There were so many fans and pundits firing warnings about the fact Liverpool hadn't built upon their success from 2018/19, but the table suggests they had all they needed ahead of time.

It's staggering to think that City spent 33(!!!!) times as much money to win their first league title under Guardiola and Chelsea shelled out 13 times more for Jose Mourinho's return.  

And yes, yes, yes, we know that Liverpool spent big on Virgil van Dijk and Alisson Becker, but the sale of Philippe Coutinho meant they did it within their resources unlike their rivals. 


The only team to have won the league since 2010 with fewer spending was Manchester United's penultimate champions, though they happened to have the greatest manager of all time in charge.

Frankly, though, there's only one conclusion to be drawn from all of this: Liverpool are darn good.

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