Newcastle takeover takes surprising twist, new PIF information released


On Tuesday morning, Newcastle's takeover was once again at the heart and centre of the news headlines.

This time, it was Premier League chief Richard Masters receiving a grilling from Parliament. 

Humiliating was one word to describe the proposed takeover should it go through with controversies surrounding PIF and Saudi Arabia, it would seem, failing to go away.

Controversy would rage if Newcastle are bought by the Saudi's but Masters suggests they are close to finding a resolution.

Could the takeover soon go through? Only time will tell.

It was the latest twist in the takeover but following on from what Masters had to say, there was a rather surprising update given by Craig Hope of The Daily Mail.

Compiling an article based on Masters' quotes, Hope unearthed a piece of news that was rather unexpected.

He surprisingly revealed that Mohammed bin Salman wasn't actually involved in the takeover deal.


It was first thought that MBS was right at the centre of the talks, but sources have now revealed that isn't actually the case.

In Hope's article, a little snippet revealed the following information:

"Sources close to the deal say Bin Salman is not directly involved in the takeover and have indicated he would not be subject to the owners and directors test."

This was amidst claims that MBS wasn't fit to own a football club.

GIVEMESPORT'S Matt Dawson says...

The timing of this is rather coincidental. The moment MBS is again questioned about his previous misdemeanours, it's suggested that he's not even involved in the takeover.

If he isn't, it takes away an element of controversy involved. After all, he's implicated in a murder, hardly something you want on your head when trying to acquire a new business.

To say he deserves to be involved in English football wouldn't be right, but if he is indeed not at the front of a deal, perhaps Masters can allow it to go through without the huge controversies already surrounding things.

Though, it almost feels unfathomable that Bin Salman isn't at the heart of the takeover. He's the one with the money and experts have described in the past why he and the Saudi's want to be involved in English football.

In short, he wants relations to improve between the Middle-East and Britain. That could well be achieved if walks through the doors of St James' Park, but he'd have a considerable battle on his hands to succeed.

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