Premier League boss, Richard Masters, warns Premier League season may not finish


The coronavirus pandemic halted the 2019/20 Premier League season for more than three months. At times, it looked as though it would never return.

With the death tolls around the world worryingly increasing daily, football fans couldn’t even think about the return of the Premier League.

What would happen to the season which was three-quarters of the way through? Null and void? Curtail the season and decide it on points-per-game? Or wait as long as possible until it’s safe to finish.

The league decided on the latter and put all sorts of protocols in place to ensure everyone was safe upon its return.

Of course, there are no fans inside the stadiums but the bottom line is that Premier League football is back.

However, with the city of Leicester under new restrictions due to a rise of cases, is the Premier League season in doubt once again?

Premier League boss, Richard Masters, admitted that it might be if things worsen.

“We can clearly cope with the situation in Leicester should it mean that the club can't play home games for the foreseeable future or just this weekend. We can adapt to that,” Masters said.

If it were to happen in multiple areas or the course of the virus creates other risks there is the chance we might not be able to complete the season.


“The clubs decided to deal with the issue of curtailment and what would have happened if the season wasn't completed - there would be a discussion when it occurred.

“We’re optimistic that we can finish the season but we will have to come to some sort of agreement about what model might be used going forward."

We know what you’re thinking: “What will happen to Liverpool’s Premier League title that they’ve just won?”

Well, Masters ensured their fans that they will be champions no matter what.


“But whatever happens, Liverpool are now our champions so we don't have to worry about that,” he confirmed.


What happens with European qualification and relegation if the season has to be stopped is another dilemma altogether…

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