Pubs in England WILL be allowed to show live football from Saturday - but fans must follow rules

Pubs reopen in England on Saturday July 4

Pubs in England will be allowed to show football on television when they reopen on Saturday – but fans must follow certain rules.

The Government has announced new guidance for pubs and restaurants to control the spread of coronavirus when venues return on what’s been dubbed ‘Super Saturday’.  

It was feared that watching football in pubs could be banned along with other entertainment ‘that is likely to encourage audience behaviours increasing transmission risk.’

But according to The Sun, broadcasters have been given ‘private assurances’ from the Government that pubs will be allowed to show the matches. 

However, there are certain rules that must be followed. 

“Pubs and bars can show live sport but shouting and/or chanting is not permitted for the same reason that live music isn’t,” an insider told the paper.

“Equally it must be played at a volume which enables normal conversation to take place.”

So, in simple terms, don’t expect to wildly celebrate a 90th-minute winner with your mates, or cause a scene chanting your favourite songs all afternoon. 

Pubs will be allowed to show the football in England

The Sun also suggests that live commentary could be muted during games.

While the new rules will make things a little different, just the fact that pubs will be allowed to show Premier League football is a massive bonus. 

There are, of course, more general rules you’ll need to follow if you go to a pub from this weekend. Just as a reminder, we’ll leave them below:

  • You are only allowed to go to the pub with one other household
  • You will have to leave your contact details with pubs or restaurants for 21 days – so they can be tracked if there is an outbreak
  • You are encouraged to use contactless payments rather than cash
  • You should stay seated at the table and wait to be served rather than going up to the bar
Pubs will show live football again

It might be odd for a while, but we can’t wait to get to the pub again and with live football to watch… bring it on! 

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