Newcastle takeover 'surely' coming soon



That was one word used to describe the latest goings-on at Newcastle by journalist Mark Douglas.

And who can blame him? The pleas from certain MPs yesterday was that in no uncertain terms should the Premier League allow the takeover to go through.

Mohammed bin Salman has been at the centre of piracy in Saudi Arabia while he's also implicated in a murder in his home country.

Though, according to The Daily Mail, he's not even involved in the deal. It was a bizarre twist yesterday but certainly coincidental given the grilling Richard Masters received. 

When the takeover will go through if anyone's guess, that's whether it does at this stage.

The questions yesterday put things in doubt again, even if Masters said a resolution was being worked on.

However, with all that said and done, Chronicle journalist Mark Douglas has delivered an emphatic verdict on what's been occurring.


Taking to Twitter, he responded to a fan with just five words.

The words 'surely soon' will raise eyebrows but it's hardly any different to what we've heard recently.

Once again, Newcastle fans will be waiting on tenterhooks for Masters' supposed resolution to appear.

Mike Ashley

GIVEMESPORT'S Matt Dawson says...

To echo what Luke Edwards said yesterday on talkSPORT, the number of times a reported has said the takeover is close is bordering on ludicrous.

Douglas will, of course, have inside sources on the deal but unfortunately his words - 'surely soon' - is merely speculation.

However, there must be an element of truth to it. The first time PIF appeared on the scene was nearly three months ago now and all the twists and turns that have happened over the weeks have led to more questions than answers.

Though, with Masters suggesting that a resolution is on the verge of being discovered, it does feel like we're approaching the end of the road.

If journalist Alan Nixon is to be believed, the Premier League have one final request for the Saudi's.

After the piracy controversies that engulfed the takeover saga, they wish for them to sign a TV deal.

That, as well as the Premier League chief's quotes, feel significant. Douglas thinks it'll be wrapped up soon and it really wouldn't be a surprise if we heard some sort of news soon.

Either way, an update from the top dogs in the top-flight clearly needs to happen.

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